Saturday, 8 August 2015

Beauty Review: Angels On Bare Skin by Lush

Angels On Bare Skin By Lush Cleanser Review Beauty Skincare

Angels On Bare Skin By Lush Cleanser Review Beauty Skincare

Initially I was unsure of this cleanser, as I'm usually a cream or gel cleanser kinda gal and this was totally new territory for me! But as you can see, I've grown to love Angels On Bare Skin and the results it leaves behind have deemed a blog worthy review...

How To Use

I can see why Angels On Bare Skin is one of Lush's top sellers, once you get the hang of using it! I find it's best to use in the shower as it's quite a messy product, although just be careful of getting any water inside the pot. Simply wet your hands and take a small amount into your palms, then rub into a paste and massage onto your face. It's made from natural ingredients from the sea, like seaweed and sea salt, to calm and gently exfoliate your skin.

Why I Love It

I'll generally use this in the evening as my second cleanser of my double cleanser routine, but have also been using it in the mornings to refresh and exfoliate my face. I love the lavender smell as it really calms my face and helps reduce any blemishes I have. Once I'm happy that I've massaged it into my face and across my neck and decolletage, then I'll wash it off and apply a toner and moisturiser.

Would I recommend it?

The main ingredients come from essential oils, as well as ground almonds to exfoliate, so you know it's not damaging or polluting wildlife either! I'd recommend trying this out if you have dry or spot-prone skin as it helps to reduce redness, whilst gently exfoliating any dry patches. Next up on my list to try is the Ultrabland Cleanser - has anyone tried this yet?

What do you think of Angels On Bare Skin?

Thanks for reading!
Rhiannon x

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