Friday, 28 August 2015

5 Tips For Surviving Your First Job

5 Tips For Surviving Your First Job

So last month I celebrated my first full year in a full time job! It's gone crazy fast (cliche) and I can remember my two interviews, not really thinking I'll get the job, then being offered a 6 months contract the day after.

This time of year everyone are receiving the results, whether that be for A-Level, GCSE or at University, so there's a lot of 'thinking' about your future involved and I thought I'd share a few (not so wisdomous) tips for surviving your first year at a full time job.

Be Prepared

So you've got through the interview stage and have been offered the role - congrats! But now the serious work kicks in. Try and find out as much as possible about your role and the company you'll be working for, as you'll have to know them inside out. It also shows that you're dedicated to the job and company.

Don't Be Afraid

Easier said than done. I was a bag of nerves on my first day, after navigating two trains and a walk into central London. Just remember that they chose you for a reason and believe you have great potential for this job.

5 Tips For Surviving Your First Job

If You Don't Know, Just Ask

I had a particularly bad work experience at a newspaper (all male writers and editors) when they didn't show me the kitchen or where the toilet was. In the end I just asked, rather than sitting there unsure. Now I never feel embarrassed about asking silly questions because that's how we learn!

Get Stuck In

Join LinkedIn groups under the same job role or industry as you and talk to them! Interact with other people and you'll get a much better picture of how the company works and feel part of a team. I'm forever being taken into subjects that aren't my speciality but are still interesting and most of the time, useful for my own work.

Enjoy It!

Like I said at the beginning, my first year flew by so quickly that I can't believe I've stuck at something for a whole year and am still enjoying every day. It's all about experience and learning to better yourself and remember that life is short!  

What are your tips for surviving a full time job? Are you on the job hunt?

Thanks for reading!
Rhiannon x

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