Tuesday, 18 August 2015

5 reasons why we all love The Great British Bake Off

The Great British Bake Off 2015

For just 10 weeks per year on every Wednesday evening, we're glued to our TVs watching the next set of bakers create three themed bakes with one contestant leaving each week. It's tense. There's ovens not working, mousse not setting, mixture curdling and cakes with a 'soggy bottom'. 

#GBBO starts trending hours before, as everyone excitedly tweets about who they reckon will leave and what floral blazer Mary will be wearing this week. But what makes over 10 million viewers watch each week? Here's 5 reasons why I think we all love The Great British Bake Off.

- Because we love the presenters. 

Stuff Paul and his amazing bread kneading and Mary with her ability to pick out the finest of ingredients in a cake, the show wouldn't be the same without Mel and Sue. Their easy one liners and quips create a humorous tone that you wouldn't get in competitive competitions like this. And when they try to help out the contestants and it goes disastrously wrong is hilarious!

- Because of the drama. 

#bingate and soggy bottoms trending on Twitter must mean something?! We were outraged when Iain's Baked Alaska was ruined after Diana took it out of the freezer and responded with these memes that still make you laugh a year on. I predict a similar incident this year...

- Because we're British. 

Only would the Brits get competitive over whether a a Victoria Sponge is light and fluffy enough for them. Imagine trying to explain to someone across the world why you get so angry when a contestant on the show decides to 'try something new', which ends in a completely predicted disaster?

- Because we all want to be pro bakers. 

Even if you say you're 'just watching for fun' you are mentally taking tips and notes for your next bake. Then wonder why no one has discovered you're the next Mary Berry or Paul Hollywood...

- Because we all want to eat the cake. 

I'll admit it, I have to make sure I watch The Great British Bake Off on a full stomach, otherwise I will be tempted to start baking and eat it all! And if you say you wouldn't want to eat one of their cakes, then we need to have a talk. 

What's your top reason for watching The Great British Bake Off?

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