Saturday, 6 June 2015

Tips For When You're Just Not Feeling It

Whenever I feel down and in need of a pick me up, there's a few things I always do to perk my mood up. From a rubbish day at work, feeling ill, stuck in a blogging rut or just not feeling it, there's certain things that'll get me out of my funk and realise 'realistically, this is just rubbish one day in 365'.

  1.  Run a bath. Cliche I know, but this serious relaxes me after a stressful day at work. I can stay in there for hours with a Lush bath bomb and my favourite bath products.
  2.  Read a book. Escape the world for a little while, but remember that you've got to come back and face up to it!
  3. Write your worries down. If you're feeling rubbish for some reason, writing it down in a diary or even as a draft blog post helps minimise the situation. 
  4. Shopping. Because what would you do without ASOS and Topshop?
  5. Try a little exercise. Any kind of exercise releases happy endorphins to get your out of your mood. Personally, I love de-stressing with Yoga With Adrienne.
  6.  Give yourself some TLC. Paint your nails, try out a new face mask or use that body butter you've been saving for a special occasion.
  7.  Have a natter. My mum is usually the one I have a good old rant to and my friends get texts with just emojis to explain my moods 🙊
  8. Sleep. This is a serious mood arse kicker. Sleeping gives me a little perspective and then I wake up to a new day - you've only got 365 in a year!
  9. Music makes the world go round. If I haven't got my iPod with me, there's something serious wrong! If you're in a bad mood, listening to calming music helps to de-stress and stabilise your mind.
  10. Perspective. Is that mistake you made at school/uni/work really that bad? Is it the end of the world? You learn from your mistakes and move on, there's always tomorrow.

Have you got any tips for getting out of bad moods? Let me know!

Rhiannon x

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