Tuesday, 30 June 2015

This Month I...

I've decided to start up a new monthly tag, how long I'll be able to keep it up for is anyones guess, but perhaps it's something I'll stick to! Even though I have my five year diary to reflect on each day, sometimes it's refreshing to look back on the month and see what you've accomplished....

Stag Coffee Cardiff Full English

This Month I... ate a blooming lot! For some reason this month I've definitely had the munchies.
It started off in Cardiff with a full English at Stag Coffee in Cardiff, then it was these low-fat homemade cupcakes (recipe here) and finally a well-deserved Raspberry & Cream Ice Cream in London. Guess that's a signal for ti take up jogging then...

OOTD Zara Denim Shirt and Topshop Gingham Leggings

This Month I...bought my new favourite denim shirt. Who knew that it'd be that easy to fall in love with a piece of denim? I've got a few OOTD's lined up with this classic shirt from Zara and obviously a dedicated post here.

Empire TV Series

This Month I... watched/became slightly addicted to Empire. In a nutshell, Empire is about a family in the music business fighting it out for the top spot, with lots of people trying to ruin it for them along the way. If you haven't started watching it you NEED to. Seriously.

Billy And Me Book Review By Giovanna Fletcher

This Month I... read Billy And Me by Giovanna Fletcher. Another chic lit book, but I really enjoyed this one and read it in a week, so it must've been good! You can read my full review here.

One Direction 1D Cardiff 2015

This Month I... saw One Direction and am proud of it. Even though they're a four piece now, they can still do an amazing job and the atmosphere beforehand was literally buzzing with happiness. And I wasn't the oldest person there!

So there you go, that's June gone and now we're over half way through the year! Cliche, but it is mad how fast the year has gone already.

Hope you enjoyed this post and please share what you ate/bought/watched/read/saw this month!

Rhiannon x

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