Tuesday, 23 June 2015

The ASOS Backpack

ASOS Leather Embossed Black Backpack Crocodile Print Fashion Blogger Review

ASOS Leather Embossed Black Backpack Crocodile Print Fashion Blogger Review

A few weeks ago, a lovely email tinged on my phone with 20% off all of www.asos.com - so it would've been rude not to take advantage of that! 

I've probably owned less than four backpacks in my lifetime, mostly using them for school and sport kits. Does anyone remember these tiny Nike Just Do It backpacks? They were all the range at my school... But since commuting and walking to and from the station and work, my back has been aching from carrying handbags constantly. Que the super comfortable and Mary-Poppins-esque backpack.

When researching for a backpack (and trust me, there was a lot of research criteria to meet!) I wanted it to be stylish and smart, comfortable and, most important of all, able to fit all my shopping and bag contents. The ASOS Leather Embossed Backpack (Let's just call it The Bag) ticks all the boxes and deserves its own dedicated post.

The wide leather straps and fabric shape doesn't strain on my shoulders or back and makes it easy to fit everything it in, and still have room for shopping! With mostly silver detailing, I adore the moc-croc matte leather effect as it's subtle enough without being too 'I'm actually a cool backpack!' 

Almost every ASOS purchase I have placed, the items have lasted so well and as The Bag is made from real leather, it's going to be a great investment. It has a flip over top with a magnetic button and zip around the top, so your stuff isn't going anywhere. To put into perspective just how much room you have, I fit: a book, purse, water, 3x snacks, lunch, big headphones, shoes and all the usual add ons like phone, keys, pass, with still enough room to add on top! It's a serious magic box. 

The only critic I have for The Bag is that I'm constantly loosing everything because it's black! It's sometimes like a bottomless pit. Can anyone else resonate with me?!

So even though the though of a backpack made me cringe inside with faded memories of baby pink Nike backpacks, The Bag has changed my opinion of them. No longer does my back ache, constantly having to readjust the straps or carrying multiple bags because I've run out of room. Just watch out for my new obsession with Crocs (I joke...)

Do you like backpacks? What's your favourite bag?

Thanks for reading!
Rhiannon x

ASOS Leather Embossed Black Backpack Crocodile Print Fashion Blogger Review
"And I can still fit in my Zara shopping?!"

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