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St Catherine's Midnight Walk June 2015

St Catherine's Midnight Walk June 2015

Last night I took part in the St Catherine's Midnight Walk, alongside my mum, walking 13 miles across Horsham at midnight. I mentioned in my Raising Money For St Catherine's Hospice in April about all the hard work the charity does to help patients with end of life care and specialist support for patients and also their family.

As the day came closer, I was nowhere near ready for walking 13 miles - so it was definitely going to be a struggle! But the great thing about fun charity runs or walks is that it's not about coming first or beating your personal best, it's about enjoying yourself whilst raising money for worthy charities at the same time.

St Catherine's Midnight Walk June 2015

St Catherine's Midnight Walk June 2015

This year was samba themed, so were were encouraged to dress up and me being me, left it to the last minute and couldn't find anything. Luckily they had a few ladies on hand to stick diamante designs on our face to get us in the spirit! Also, as we were walking through mostly lit streets from 11pm onwards, St Catherine's provided lights to attach to your trainers to help you along the day, which I thought was a nice touch.

After a quick conga round the field, hula hooping, exotic mocktails and a samba-style warm up, we were ready to go at 10:40pm!

We finally completed our 13 mile walk in 3 hours and 20 minutes which was pretty good! Along the way there was refreshment stops with sweets and drinks to keep our energy up and lots of family members and marshalls cheering us on too, which made all the difference.

I love charity walks and runs like this - the feeling after you've completed it and raised all that money is amazing. Marie Curie have lots of fun charity walks across the country you can view here and if you fancy seeing the capital during the night, Cancer Research have their Shine Night Walk in London this September.

Thank you to everyone who has supported and donated - it means so much to me and it'll make all the difference for St Catherine's.

Rhiannon x

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