Sunday, 14 June 2015

Instagram: Wales, One Direction and Healthy Cupcakes

So this past week has been a little busy, which is why I've been slightly absent on the blog and social media front, but it's been great to have a little pause and refresher from the online world.

Covent Gardern London Sun Summer June City Break

Now that we're in June, the British summer has officially started! My favourite places in London during the summer has to be Covent Garden (above), Kensington and Regents Park - and a picnic and Pimms is all you need...

 On Friday 5th June I was lucky enough to see One Direction at their first Cardiff show. Being a secret obvious 1D fan, I was in my element. My best friend studies at Cardiff Uni, so I stayed round hers and both went to see the band in the evening. They're still great as a four piece and you forget just how many good songs they actually have! And I had pretty much lost my voice by the end of the weekend...

Cardiff Starbucks Drink Rhiannon

 With my name being Welsh, it's pretty hard for any English coffee shops to get my name right, even after spelling it out to them (I once got a Raymond!) So obviously Wales is the only country to spell my name right, so it deserved an Instagram photo and the obligatory #Starbucks

Cardiff Debenhams were offering 10% discount off MAC products, so like a make-up hoarder to a sale, I came away with a new blusher. It's a Sheertone Blush in Peaches, which'll look so gorgeous in the summer. MAC also threw in a free sample of their False Lashes Extreme Black which is beautiful too.

Cox Cookies And Cakes Guilt-Free Low-Fat White Chocolate and Berry Cupcakes Recipe

Over the past few years I haven't baked cakes like I used to when I was younger - every Sunday I'd be trying out a new recipe with my Mum or perfecting a Victoria Sponge. I found a guilt-free white chocolate and berry cupcake recipe to try out and it was really fun to get back to using the whisks again! Expect that recipe to be up on the blog soon....

That's all from the past few week! What's been your highlight this week?

Thanks for reading.

Rhiannon x
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