Sunday, 21 June 2015

Instagram: Cakes, OOTD and A Week

A warning to all those feeling hungry, this post could leave you craving cake...


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I could take the credit for this amazing cake, but then I know my sister wouldn't be too happy or bake my birthday cake in July (hint hint.) She created this beauty for a family member's birthday last week: chocolate and pistachio cake with toffee for the top pieces. If anyone needs some birthday cake inspiration, you know where to look...

For those who have read this blog for a while now, you'll have seen how my life has changed over the past two years. It seems mad that just two years ago, I had just finished sixth form A Levels and preparing to leave the school I had been at for seven years. Then starting a brilliant journalism course in Brighton with a bunch of amazing people then finding a job I love doing in London last summer. Sometimes all it takes is a little courage to step out of your box and try something different. 

Low-Fat Guilt Free White Chocolate and Berry Cupcakes Recipe

I did warn this post could leave you with a cake craving! After a recent baking high, I tried a new recipe of Low-Fat White Chocolate and Berry Cupcakes, which you can read the recipe here. They were eaten so quickly at home with no complaints, so all went to plan!

I also uploaded a new OOTD after re-discovering a M&S green silk shirt hiding in my wardrobe that I hadn't worn in years. It's one of those fail-safe smart casual outfits for every day, that I know I'll be revisiting in the future. 

And finally a picture of an ice cream, because what's better to finish off a cake than with an ice cream? I spotted an ice cream van (yes, they do still exist) and picked up the delicious Raspberries & Cream flavour. Lets just hope this won't become a lunchtime habit...

What's been your highlight this week?

Thank you for reading!
Rhiannon x

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