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Book Review: The Year Of Taking Chances by Lucy Diamond

Book Review The Year Of Taking Chances by Lucy Diamon Blogger Lifestyle

Call me cliche, but I do love a 'New Year New Me' style of book. It's exciting and refreshing to see how a character evolves throughout the year and keeps to their New Year Resolutions, amongst the ups and downs.

The Year Of Taking Chances has three main characters: Gemma, who is a mum and a wife with two kids and a passion to make clothes, a pregnant Saffron, who wants to escape the pressure of London living and Catlin, who returns to her home town after her mum passes away and discovers a family secret... All three women meet on New Year's Eve and strike up a relationship, which sees them relying more than ever on each other throughout the year.

I find that books with separate character chapters can be a bit hit and miss - sometimes they work and other times they just fall apart and have no relevance to each other. The Year Of Taking Chances definitely worked out for the better! I loved finding out more about each character and how they dealt with difficult experiences and worked together to form a strong bond of friendship - girl power! (Can't believe I just said that...)

The plot keeps you on your toes throughout and is generally a really enjoyable read that I'll pick up again. I've heard of Lucy Diamond before, so I'll be keeping an eye out for any other books by her! Overall I'd give The Year Od Taking Chances a 5/5, it's fast become a favourite of mine and I managed to read it within a week, so I know it's going to be a keeper.

Have you read this book before? Or any of Lucy Diamond's books that you can recommend?

Thanks for reading!

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