Saturday, 2 May 2015

Why It's Okay To Be Single

It's always that awkward conversation when you haven't seen a friend or family member for ages and they drop this question bomb: "So have you got a boyfriend yet?" as if you can pop into Boots on your lunch break and pick one up along with a new mascara.

Can you tell this has happend to me a lot? After a while you start questioning whether you should have one, because everyone else seems to be in a relationship, getting married or making babies and you're still living the single life with a bar of Dairy Milk and a Harry Potter marathon on a Friday night (true story).

But do you really need to feel like this?

My usual reason for not having a boyfriend is because I don't have the time. Literally. My wild single nights are filled with Daniel Radcliffe fighting You-Know-Who whilst painting my nails with a face mask on. And also the fact that I don't feel the need to go look for a boyfriend. 

I was out the other night discussing the woes of my single life with my best friend (in a happy relationship) and she just said "You're so strong for being single." And it just got me thinking about why people feel like being single is something that is weak. 

Of course there are pros to being a singleton:
  • No make-up Saturdays
  • Being able to go into Primark without someone rolling their eyes at the chaos inside
  • Tucking into a burger and not feeling guilty at all
  • Not having to double check everything I do or where I go with someone else
  • Wearing whatever I want and not being judged because I'm wearing my 5 year old jumper and slippers

But there's also the downsides like having someone to share your day with and spending time going to places and doing things. And eventually I will wave goodbye to my single status and become.... someone's other half (cringe).

Why It's Okay To Be Single

So if you're feeling the pressure to get a boyfriend or other half, then just tell those people to bugger off and mind their own business. Concentrate on being yourself, work out where you want to be and staying happy. Because being in a relationship doesn't define you, you're your own person and having another person to share it with is just another dimension to it.

Now pass me that Dairy Milk and box set. (other chocolates are available)

Let me know you're thoughts on being single or in a relationship and whether you agree or disagree with the above.

Thanks for reading!
Rhiannon x

P.S. After recently attending a wedding, the dreaded relationship question is always asked here. So avoid AT ALL COSTS. 

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