Thursday, 7 May 2015

Review: Bourjois Healthy Balance Powder

 Bourjois Healthy Balance Powder £8.99 from Boots (currently 2 for £14 on selected Bourjois)

Once again I fell for the Boots make-up deal. It's hard not to when pay day comes around! And just think of all those Boots points for a rainy (and spend-y) day...

Moving on. I don't tend to get that excited over face powders, and normally skip over them as an nonessential part of my make-up routine. But this one from Bourjois is slightly different.

I've heard bloggers like Vivianna Does Make Up rave on about the Healthy Balance Powder from Bourjois, and too right because it's a bloomin' good one. There's no unrealistic promises, just a natural healthy glow with a 10h matte finish. I'll generally use this with a fluffy brush like the Real Techniques Duo Fibre Brush and sweep it across my t-zone and chin area to set my make-up for the day.

The powder includes Sharon Fruit for hydration and Yuzu Fruit for anti-shine, which means it also smells delicious. Just a light fruity scent that instantly refreshes and I can't stop sniffing it whenever I use it *takes a quick whiff*. It's weird I know, that I smell my make-up but it's important too!

The mirror is surprisingly good compared to the usual fogged mirrors in compacts and it's a nice slim size to fit in your bag easily. Basically, I couldn't love this powder any more and that's saying something!

What do you think of this powder? Have you got a favourite face powder?

Rhiannon x

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