Sunday, 10 May 2015

Instagram: New Lippie, Laughing and Lindsey Kelk

To fill in all the cliches, I'm so happy it's now May - even if the year does seem to be whizzing by. Warmer weather and sunshine are on the way, and after the surprising (and awful) election results, I need some summer sun to cheer me up! As usual, a little Sunday Instagram Summary which have been long-awaited since my mammoth Japan Photo Diaries (which you can catch up with here...)

 I'm not normally one to post 'selfies' - even the word makes me cringe sometimes, but I just can't find that right angle or pose! Even so, I was pretty proud of this photo because I managed to curl my hair WITH STRAIGHTENERS and apply a red-ish lippy without any hiccups *insert praying emoji*

laughter quote pinterest ee cummings laugh laughing
 Most of the time my friends are either laughing with me or at me, mostly the latter. But even on the most rubbishy days all I need is a laugh to change my mood and all negativity is forgotten. (If you need a daily laugh, I'd totally recommend following Random Turtle on Instagram.)

salad vital ingredinet london soho

A salad almost as big as my head must be a good thing. Myself and a work colleague were on the hunt for lunch last week and found a healthy food chain called Vital Ingredient. You pick your base and make up your own salad or pick one off the menu. This is the Oriental Prawns which I can personally vouch for being delicious. And yes I did eat it all...

ootd blog fashion outfit of the day blogger

Another week and another OOTD. My mac is out in full force now it's that spring/summer hybrid and not quite warm enough to go without a jacket yet. I'm wearing my new pair of grey pointy flats from Primark that I'm obsessed with, although not good in the rain, they're too pretty to leave behind.

always the bridesmaid lindsey kelk new book

Lindsey Kelk is one of my all-time favourite authors and she writes just the funniest books, I featured her in my favourites in this post here. Always The Bridesmaid only came out last week and Lindsey is doing a book tour round the UK, which I've got tickets for in London, so I'm super excited to meet her!

What's been your highlight for the past week? Have you read any Lindsey Kelk books?

Thanks for reading!
Rhiannon x

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