Monday, 25 May 2015

A New Week

It's always that weird Sunday/Monday hybrid on Bank Holidays, that you never really get your head around until you're back to work on the Tuesday. So I kinda forgot to do my weekly Instagram post yesterday, mainly because this week has been a little bit mad.

My health hasn't been the greatest this week, waking up with mild migranes that it hurts to even blink and turn my head. Then getting sunburnt on Sunday with my feet now covered in that horrible itchy heat rash. Who'd thought that overcast sun can still burn fair skin with suncream on? 

But I do like Bank Holidays because they give me that little bit extra time to get prepared for the week. And I actually find that I'm more productive on a 4 day week, than I am during a 5 day week - but suggesting that to my boss went down like a lead balloon i.e. him laughing it off and telling me to get back to work. 

Hope you're all enjoying your bank holidays whatever you are doing!

Rhiannon x

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