Saturday, 16 May 2015

A Day In London

It's weird that even though I work during the week in London, I never get to explore London. Not unless you call a quick whizz around Oxford Street a sight-seeing spot. So armed with my London Bucket List, I headed off with a friend to Primrose Hill (I didn't say they weren't going to be cliche...)

Primrose Hill House London Posh

We caught the tube to St John's Wood and walked through all the posh houses in Primrose Hill - and they're serious posh! My Nanny used to live here when she was a girl and said it was such an awful area before it's amazing to see these houses now. This was one of my favourites, the white walls, black gates, stairs and climbing flowers looked so pretty.

Primrose Hill London

 And we finally made it to Primrose Hill! Even though it wasn't the clearest of days, you could see the business area (middle to the left), the Shard (middle to the right), the BT Tower (right), London Eye (right) and so much more that wouldn't fit in the frame. I'd definitely come back in the summer when it's warmer and lighter with a picnic and Pimms of course!

Primrose Hill London

Yes it was super windy at the top!

Camden Market London

Primrose Hill London

We then had a look around the area and a nose in all the posh shops, which was quite entertaining!

Sweet Things Primrose Hill London

The obligatory mid-morning foodie stop at Sweet Things and their award winning scones had to be take up. Serious yummy, and real clotted cream which made me super excited - guess I'm just way too British!

Primrose Hill London

Primrose Hill London
We decided that this shop is how we'd want our house to look like. Squishy cushions, a massive bed and mismatched glasses and kitchen utensils, oh so Pinterest!

Camden Market London

We swung by Camden Market for a nose around and found this camera-tech heaven. Think of all the photos taken with these! We didn't stay too long because it was rammed busy on a Saturday and half of it is under reconstruction still :(

Five Guys Burger Covent Garden London
 Obvs no London trip was without a dirty Five Guys Burger in Covent Garden. And I've finally realised where I was going wrong, tomatoes make the burger soggy every time, so they'll be coming out of my order.

Buckingham Palace Easel Princess Charlotte London

And because we went on the day Princess Charlotte was born, we headed towards Buckingham Palace to see the announcement easel. Everyone had flags and were feeling so patriotic, it was actually a great time to be in the capital.

After ticking off Primrose Hill on my London Bucket List, there's still a ton to explore and see this summer, so watch out for those posts.

What's your favourite part of London?

Thanks for reading!
Rhiannon x

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