Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Review: MAC Face and Body Foundation

Review: MAC Face and Body Foundation

Oh MAC how you create amazing make-up... Can you tell I love this foundation? I prefer wearing lightweight foundations during most of the year, then a slightly heavier coverage during the winter. I have a massive stack of BB and CC Creams that I've tried, but nothing quite compares to MAC Face and Body Foundation yet. 

I got matched up to C1 as I have a slight yellow-undertone, rather than pinky or bluey. It's an almost perfect match, with a few pink areas not quite the same. As it's a light foundation it's a fairly wet consistency, which works well for blending. I'll either blend with a Real Techniques Expert Face Brush or Buffing Brush, which work equally well. It'll normally use a 20p size amount for cover my face and down my neck, then a tiny bit for under my eyes on a smaller brush when my dark circles aren't that bad and only need a light coverage. This foundation is super buildable too, so if I feel like I need a bit more coverage on my chin or cheeks, I'll just add another small pump then blend. 

The only downside is the annoying bottle and pump - it gets so messy! But I guess most foundations are messy in the end? They have a faily good colour selection too, not as many as their Studio Fix  Fluid or Mineralize Moisture Foundations, so if you have a darker complexion you might find it difficult to find a shade. Also, if you find that all the shades are too dark, then this range has a white shade, so you can mix it with another foundation to make it lighter. The MAC Face and Body Foundation also comes in a 50ml version at £21.50, but as the 120ml is at £28.50, you're getting more value for your money in the bigger version.

Have you tried this foundation before? What's your favourite MAC foundation or product?

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