Tuesday, 28 April 2015

A Japan Beauty Haul

Japanese Beauty Haul Cleanser Mask Moisturiser Eyelash Curler Cotton Pads

During my trip to Japan I couldn't but help check out a few of their beauty stores, crammed full of things I didn't even know existed! Beauty products in Japan are ridiculously cheap compared to the UK, so they mainly have massive beauty discount stores on every street. I did do a bit of research beforehand to see what people recommended, but because it was all in Japanese, it's pretty hard to tell anyway! 

First up is my favourite purchase. This cost 800 yen (which equates to about £6) and I actually got it in duty free on the journey home, but most Shiseido stores offer tax free discounts anyway. I always curl my lashes before applying mascara, as I find it makes a massive difference to my eyes. Before buying it, I did read a few reviews from people saying it's even better than the famous Shu Uemura, and even though I haven't got much to compare to, I do really like this one. Holding it for about 5 seconds does the job and it lasts all day. 

 Japanese Beauty Haul Cleanser Mask Moisturiser Eyelash Curler Cotton Pads 
You're probably wondering why I picked up a cotton puff, but I was running out of my own and these are massive squares so I only need to use one to take my make-up off. They're also tripled layered so they soak up my make up remover easily and don't flake or break. Plus they're super soft! 

I pretty much used the diagrams on this one! Obviously I could tell they were masks, and I know there's a lot of amazing Japanese masks out there, so I had to pick some up. These are super super hydrating and you can tell from just 10 minutes that they're doing some good stuff for your skin. The only thing I find with masks are that they're literally soaked in a nourishing gel, which can be a bit messy and it also depends on the shape of your face how well they fit! Overall, I do love these but I'll be sticking to my cream masks for now. 

This product literally saved my skin. From not drinking enough water and the constant plane travelling, my skin was so dry and flaky that my usual moisturiser wasn't cutting it. Again, I went mostly on the diagrams and by the looks of it, it was super moisturising. And at around £1.80, I couldn't really complain. It's pretty similar in texture to the Origins Gin-Zing Moisturiserand quite gel-like, which felt like such a relief on my dry skin. After a day or so using this my dry skin cleared up and I'm still using it now!

Japanese Beauty Haul Cleanser Mask Moisturiser Eyelash Curler Cotton Pads

 Probably slightly gimmicky, but I've never tried a foaming cleanser before and this was suppose to be the best on the market.You only need a teenie tiny bit to make a lot of foam, so this tube will go a long way! To me, it's just a bog standard cleanser with the cool foaming point. It does the job and leaves your skin feeling clean and refreshed.

Japan also has a crazy amount of hair products, which I would've love to bring back but had no spare room in my suitcase :( Next time I'll definitely be picking a few of those up!

What's been your best holiday beauty buy?

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