Saturday, 21 March 2015

Wardrobe Classics Pt. 1

I've wanted to do a post on wardrobe classics for a while now, because there's a few key pieces in my wardrobe that I can not live without. These are the items I'll be wearing on a regular basis, but styling them up with a few seasonal trends. WARNING: Slightly text and picture heavy...

1. Coats and Jackets
Wardrobe Classics Coat and JacketsWardrobe Classics Coat and Jackets

Both from Zara (surprise surprise!) but if you're looking for a good quality and simple coat or jacket that will last you, I'd totally recommend checking them out.

First up is my favourite leather jacket. I only purchased this a few months ago, but it couldn't be anything more than perfect. Not too cropped or long, and not made from the cheap pleather fabric. It only cost about £60 at the time, so I'm pretty pleased with it!

My second favourite Zara coat is my thickest winter-survival coat. It's a green parker coat with a massive hood and lined with leopard fake fur. Instead of swamping me, this coat as a tie in the middle so you can cinch it in at the waist and when the weather starts getting warmer you can detach the leopard fur! I think it was over £100, but I've had it for ages now and I know it's got a good cost-per-wear going now!

2. Jeans
Wardrobe Classics Jeans
Wardrobe Classics Jeans

Nine times out of ten, I'll be in a pair of skinny jeans over a skirt or dress. Skinny jeans are the most flattering on me, although I do love a comfy boyfriend or super flared pair.

Black skinny jeans are my staple, I own about 3 or 4 pairs in my wardrobe, all from M&S as they're the best quality without I ridiculous price. Luckily, I'm allowed to wear jeans to work, so I'll normally pair my black skinnys with a pretty shirt or jumper then add jewellery.

I've only just invested in a high-waisted pair of jeans - but boy are they comfortable! These are the ASOS Ridley Skinny Jeans in Della Dark Wash at a super affordable price of £30. ASOS jeans have always lasted me years before they start to loose their shape, so I'd definitely point you in their direction for jean shopping. Just make sure you get the right size first!

3. Shirts 
Wardrobe Classics ShirtsWardrobe Classics Shirts

I have a theory about spotty shirts, it might sound weird but bear with me. The smaller the spot, the better quality and high-end it is, the bigger the spot the cheaper and lower quality it is. Feel free to argue, but it's just something I've spotted (excuse the pun) This spotty one came from New Look or Topshop a few years ago and I'm always wearing it. No matter how creasey it gets, you can't really tell because of the spots. A lazy girls dream...

Once again ASOS came to my rescue with the perfect fitting white shirt, This one on the other hand, creases like hell. But unless you want a shirt starched to death, then you just have to live with it. Not too constricting on my neck (hello strangling shirts!) or around my waist, I've been wearing it as it is or layered under dresses and jumpers.

4. Knitwear
Wardrobe Classics KnitwearWardrobe Classics Knitwear

This one was pretty hard because I have so many jumpers and cardigans! So I thought I'd pick the best of the bunch...

In my opinion, everyone needs a standout jumper than you can just throw over jeans and a shirt with minimal effort. This lime green jumper from Primark was so cheap, that the quality surprised me. Even though the colour might not be the most flattering for my hair, I love how it stands out against the rest of my wardrobe.

The Grandad Cardigan has to be my all-time favourite. I remember picking this up in a Zara sale years ago. And I mean years ago! It was under £20, and has been patched up so many times I don't think I'll ever be able to part with it. It's a fairly chunky knit with brown tortoise shell buttons, that I wear with practically anything and everything.

5. T-Shirts

Wardrobe Classics T-ShirtsWardrobe Classics T-Shirts
If there's anything just as big as my jean collection, it has to be my plain t-shirts and vest collection. My friends actually laugh when they see how many I've got!

You can never beat a white v-neck t-shirt. I've worn this with jeans for casual days and also with skirts for work. This one came from Forever 21 and is made from that soft fabric that you just have to stroke your face with it (no? Just me?) I know over time it will go all bobbly, so I'll be going back to stock up on my basics there!

The Oversized Boyfriend T-Shirt has really taken off this year. Along with masculine tailoring, pair this with a pair of ripped jeans, Converse and a leather jacket and you're good to go. This came from Primark and is actually labeled as the Boyfriend T-Shirt, funnily enough. I love how slouchy this is, but I still feel like I can wear it for work.

Phew! Sorry how text heavy that was - once I start writing about clothes, I can't really stop...

What's your favourite Wardrobe Classic?

Thanks for reading!
Rhiannon x

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