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My Favourite Magazines

My Favourite Magazines: Stylist, Look and Glamour

From monthlies to weeklies, we all love a good magazine. I normally catch up with my favourite magazines on my way to and from work, they're a great way to loose myself before a busy work day. As well as that, I'm naturally interested in fashion and beauty magazines because of my journalistic and marketing background. These are the three I'll always read without fail and range in prices and style too.

My Favourite Magazines: Stylist, Look and Glamour

1. Stylist
I only discovered this magazine in September 2013 after picking it up on my way to college in Brighton. Stylist is a free weekly magazine that comes out on Wednesdays (or Tuesday evenings if you're in London) and are distributed around main UK cities. But you can download the free digital edition on your phone's newsstand, so you never miss an issue. I have both the hard and digital copy, just in case I forget to pick one up!

Stylist have a range of beauty, fashion, travel, food and feature highlights each week, which are all topical and fresh. My favourite is their Career feature, which is a one-day diary from a working woman. It's really interesting finding out about all these different women, their jobs and how they got there.

My Favourite Magazines: Stylist, Look and Glamour

2. Look
This magazine has been a favourite of mine for years. It's affordable, always up to date and they always have an amazing beauty section. Normally £1.80 per issue, they sometimes do deal for £1 or you can get a great saving on subscriptions and get them delivered to your door! Weekly magazines like this one normally come out on a Tuesday or Wednesday, so go on those days and you'll pick up the latest issue.

Look are mainly high street fashion, which I love, but they also mix in celebrity interviews, fitness, topical issues and debates. Their High Street Hottest is my favourite part of the magazine, showing the latest collections from the high street, including Primark! Also their Pay Day issue is always jammed packed with fashion and beauty buys.

My Favourite Magazines: Stylist, Look and Glamour

3. Glamour
I think my mum bought a year's subscription for a birthday once and I've been hooked ever since. This will normally last me a week or so on my commuters, there's that much in it! Again, I get a subscription of this magazine because it is so much cheaper and you normally get it about a week before it goes on the shelves, plus you get a few free products for signing up.

Because Glamour is a thick monthly issue, it covers a wide range of issues. From the usual fashion and beauty, to news and health, I just love it all. They've done a few interviews with women who have been in war zones, affected by domestic violence or involved in murder cases, so it's always an interesting read. The best part in my opinion is the Health Handbook towards the end of the magazine. Glamour aren't afraid to tackle embarrassing or difficult topics and always provide helpful advice and links at the end.

What's your favourite magazine? Do you read any of these?

Thanks for reading!
Rhiannon x

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