Sunday, 8 March 2015

Instagram: Travelling, OOTD and International Women's Day


Last weekend I took the usual trip down to Brighton to meet a friend for lunch and a spot of shopping in the North Laines. Every time I leave Brighton I always want to come back. The food, people and places make me feel more at home than my actual home town. We found a little cafe to have lunch and of course I went for the burger, but veggie style with sweet potato, squash and brie - so good! Then finished off with a Krisy Kreme doughnut, because you have to really?!


For the past few weeks I've been scrolling through Pinterest, searching for pictures of Japan in preparation for my holiday soon. I can't quite believe it's less than two weeks until I go now! It's been a dream of mine to go for so long now that I just want to make the most of it. And more importantly, eat as much Japanese food as possible when I'm there! Expect tons of photos and travel posts in April.

OOTD Stripey Top and Pink Skirt

Upping my fashion game, I stepped into the trend of layering. A little out of my comfort zone, I actually loved this outfit. As I'm forever in my granny cardigans (lets face it, it's as cosy as hell) trying something a little different has opened a whole host of new outfits and ways to wear my clothes now. 

Sushi London Kirazu

Again, in preparing myself for my trip to Japan, you have to eat some sushi! I met my close friend Kamila for sushi last Friday at my favourite place, Kirazu, in London. If you're ever in the Piccadilly area, this sushi restaurant is the best quality and great value for money. We had all this sushi, some sashimi, rice and drinks for under £13 each!

Even though the event is growing with awareness each year, International Women's Day still proves there is not enough support or awareness of the reasons behind it. Equality is such a massive problem in the world, along with poverty, homophobia etc. and it's not something that'll change in the next five or even ten years. I read on the Oxfam website that 1 in 3 women and girls have been a victim of violence or sexual abuse worldwide and that isn't right. Because we can change this across the world. For more information visit the International Women's Day website.

What's been your highlight this week?

Rhiannon x

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