Thursday, 19 March 2015


2015 is the year where Rhiannon will write in a diary every day. So far, I've managed to keep this up, only just though! I've always liked the thought of keeping a dairy, documenting your every day thoughts on something other than social media. I currently have three diaries - I know, why have just one when you can have three?! All three have different purposes though: 1 is my day-to-day diary, 2. is my daily one line a day diary and 3. is my work diary which stays in my desk, hence why it's not in this picture!

I thought it was going to be pretty difficult in keeping a diary - my life isn't that interesting, but I've found it a great way to just express my day to day moans or share a really happy moment. I had my first diary years ago for Christmas and it was a Sleeping Beauty diary with it's own padlock, until I lost the key and that was the end of that. 

Some people love their diaries and use them for different purposes, like writing lists, appointments or things to remember. I like keeping a diary because it's a memory. They say a photo tells a thousand words, but I think words are so much more powerful. And it's not just the words, your handwriting can show what kind of mood you're in. For example, scrawly and misshapen handwriting can perhaps show that you've had a long day and just want to jot something down quick, or if you can feel the impressions left by your writing, maybe you were feeling frustrated or angry that day.

I just wanted to share my thoughts on diaries and what they represent and mean to me. In some ways, this blog is an online diary (number 4 to add to the list...) but it has a few more people reading it!

What are your thoughts on diaries? Do you have one?

Thanks for reading!
Rhiannon x

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