Saturday, 7 February 2015

So what beauty ingredients are bad for you?

Since working in the beauty industry (I'm an Online Marketing Assistant for a London beauty company) I've found out a lot about what ingredients are good and bad for you. These are just a few that I've picked up on, and actually used myself! Don't take this as Bible or anything, it's just a few things I thought I'd share :)

SLS  - Sodium Lauryl Sulphate. If you look at your shampoo, you'll more than likely find this ingredient and possibly its brother Sodium Laureth Sulphate included. Brands use this ingredient because it's a cheap, cleansing agent that creates foam when used with water. But it's been proven to cause irritation and itchy and flaky scalps, and basically a no-no if you want healthy and glossy hair. Find out more at

Parabens - used to prevent bacteria growth in cosmetic products and are generally cheap and effective. This ingredient is mostly found in deodorants, soap, moisturisers and shaving creams, but studies over the years have linked to various health risks, even so, it's not a massive cause for concern. Anyways, there are tons of brands out there that are now paraben-free.
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Salicylic Acid - you might have heard this ingredient due to the recent skincare launches, but it's not necessarily good for all your skin. The ingredient helps to shed skin cells, which is why it is ideal for exfoliating but leading lip balms use Salicyclic Acid. So you're when using your lip balm to add moisture and relief for dry lips, it is in fact actually creating more dry, chapped lips each time you're applying it and so on...
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Plastic Exfoliating Beads - not only are these bad for your skin, but they're also pretty rubbish for the environment. Using them in facial and body scrubs, there's now millions of plastic particles in the waters across the world. These then get eaten by fish and the fish die. Besides this, they're actually pretty rough on the skin too and can cause breakouts and irritation. 
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So there's a few beauty ingredients to be aware of when you're next shopping in Boots. Like I say, they're not Bible, so don't take what I say word for word. Anyway, there's tons of organic and natural skincare brands out there now and sites like LoveLula and Green People have tons of information and brands to choose from. Also check out The Independent's Top 40 Organic Brands.

What do you think of this? Do you use any of these ingredients?

Rhiannon x

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