Sunday, 22 February 2015

Instagram: Pancakes, The Queens Pad and Snow... again

Pancake Day 2015

Probably one of the best days of the year (after Christmas obvs) Pancake Day or Ash Tuesday means pancakes for dinner! My speciality is lightly fried banana with Nutella, you've seriously got to try it. Banana is so much sweeter fried and perfect when added with melted Nutella... Can we have Pancake Day every Tuesday?

OOTD: Lime Green Jumper and My Favourite Jeans

A classic OOTD with my favourite jeans. I'm sure you're all probably tired of me talking about these jeans, but I feel like it's a jean milestone in my wardrobe that I should definitely mark! Check out this OOTD here.

Buckingham Palace

Alongside talking about my jeans too much is travel. I've found a different and quicker walk home, which passes Fortnum & Mason through Green Park and pass Buckingham Palace. I'm normally dodging all the tourists, but stopped to grab this picture last Friday and it doesn't look half bad at night.


Just as we thought spring was approaching, a load of snow and cold weather comes our way. I woke up to this Saturday morning, but most of it had gone by midday which is good. I don't mind snow, but hate the ice. I'm forever slipping over and bruising  or breaking something!

Lewes South Downs

I spent my Saturday in Lewes meeting my past editor for some lunch and a catch up. The only thing I don't like about London is that there's no natural beauty, unless you find an amazing park in central! It was sunny driving to Lewes and you can see the South Downs as you're driving through, which is always a good photo opportunity!

Also, thank you all for your lovely comments on my Dealing With Your Comfort Zones post - means a lot to me!

Rhiannon x

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