Thursday, 22 January 2015

Review: TIGI Bed Head Small Talk and Foxy Curls

Review: TIGI Bed Head Small Talk and Foxy Curls

It's not often that I feature haircare on my blog, but I received these way back at Christmas (feels like a lifetime ago now!) and I've basically fallen in love with them. Bit of hair-stylie background, I have wavy-ish hair that I like to keep in pretty good condition, even if it does get a little frizzy sometimes. Along side these products, I'll use a hair oil and heat protection spray and sometimes a smoothing balm if I'm feeling a little fancy...

I've never used any TIGI Bed Head products before so I don't know whether this is the same for all products, but they smell so sweet! It's a pleasant sweet scent that does linger on your hair after using them. Both have a pump, which is so so handy compared to pots or pour bottles.

Small Talk primarily adds body and volume to hair, whilst also defining and controlling. This stuff is amazing. Not that my hair needs any help in the volume department, but using just a little pump of this and my hair is ready to go. I can imagine people with thinner hair would love this product too, as it doesn't leave the hair looking heavy or any product reside, but just lifts it that little bit. 

But Foxy Curls is definitely my favourite of the two. Anything that can control and define my curls is a winner. This one has a slightly different texture, more like a gel, and is so easy to work into your hair without leaving a sticky mess! It adds the shine that I like in curls and holds them too. All in all, it's a great all rounder for adding texture and definition to curls!

What do you think of these two products? Have you tried Bed Head before?

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