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Review: Real Techniques Limited Edition Nic's Picks

Real Techniques Limited Edition Nic's Picks Review

Real Techniques Limited Edition Nic's Picks Review

One of the cult make up brushes brand on the market at the moment. I'm pretty sure every beauty addict owns at least one of the Real Techniques brushes by now! Hand-cut and synthetic brushes, they're beautifully crafted and reasonably priced for the average person. 

I'll review each brush individually (because we all want to know the details!) and which ones are my favourites. Two are already part of the Real Techniques collection, along with three new limited edition brushes. I previously did a mini review of the Core Collection here.

Real Techniques Limited Edition Nic's Picks Review
Duo-Fiber Face Brush and Cheek Brush

These two are my two most used out of Limited Edition Nic's Picks and probably the most versatile also. I'll use the Duo-Fiber Face Brush to dust my powder on top of my foundation and maybe a bit of bronzer if I'm feeling fancy! I'm yet to be wowed by it (tons of reviews and bloggers seem to love it!) so I'll be giving this another go, but so far so good.

The Cheek Brush is my favourite brush from this collection. mainly because its bristles are quite dense and short, so it feels like it's applying more product to my face rather than just a light dusting. I've been using this for blusher (obvs), highlighter and also a little contour, because it's well shaped and narrow on the top, you can really get some definition going.

Real Techniques Limited Edition Nic's Picks Review
Angled Shadow Brush, Base Shadow Brush and Eyeliner Brush.

Generally I'll use eyeshadow when I've got a special event or if I'm just going out, but these three have got a lot of use over the Christmas period!

The Angled Shadow Brush is perfect for fitting into the crease of your eye and applying a darker shadow for definition. It basically does what it says on the tin, but I reckon you could also double it up as a normal eye shadow brush if you're travelling on limited space. Plus it's pretty nice for blending (we all know how much we love to blend our eye make up!)

Probably the most wanted eye make up brush from the Real Techniques collection, and annoyingly never sold as a single product. I'd imagine the Base Shadow Brush would be a similar dupe for the MAC 217, great all-rounder for applying eyeshadow with minimal drop and picks up and applies the product like a pro.

Another versatile brush, the Eyeliner Brush I've been reaching more for my brows than actual eyeliner. I have a few eyebrow shadow kits, but they all come with those silly little brushes, so I've been waiting for this brush for a while! The small and dense bristles mean that you can achieve a sharp line with your eyeliner and mimic eyebrow hairs when applying powder to the brows. A little nifty brush with so many uses!

What do you think of these brushes? What's your favourite Real Techniques brush? Let me know in the comments!

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