Sunday, 25 January 2015

Instagram: NOTD, New Jumper and an OOTD

We're finally making our way our of January, and I am so glad! Even though January signals a 'new start, new me' it's just one of those months that gets you down. Weather is rubbish, having to pick up at work from a few weeks off at Christmas and generally wishing you weren't in the office until 5:30pm on a Friday night...

Embellished Jumper from Tesco

Even though I'm on a sort of spending ban, I couldn't resist this £5 (?!) embellished jumper from the Tesco sale. Grey sweaters are my weakness, and the jewels mean I can wear it at work! Good job all round. 

Nails Of The Day with OPI and Barry M

A new NOTD still reminiscing over Christmas sparkle and glitter. I used a dark purple OPI nail polish ( I think it's Black Cherry Chutney) and painted one layer of Barry M Diamond to create a starry night sky. Totally intentional of course.

London and The Shard View

And here's another view! Since becoming a blogger, I've become snap happy and basically take photos of everything that interests me or just looks pretty. I caught this view when coming out of Blackfriars station last week and couldn't resist getting a picture of it!

TIGI Small Talk and Foxy Curls

I posted a review of the TIGI Small Talk and Foxy Curl products on my blog last week. They smell amazing. Like a sweet shop! Plus they do everything they say on the tin. 

OOTD Fluffy Coat and High Waisted Jeans

And yesterday I was obsessing absorbed by my new ASOS jeans. High waisted. Dark blue. Super skinny. The perfect pair of jeans to mark all jeans. I also cooed over a new Primark buy too!

What's been your highlight this week? Let me know :)
Rhiannon x 

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