Sunday, 4 January 2015

Instagram: Christmas, 2014 and New Years

It's still pretty strange thinking we're in 2015, 2006 still feels like yesterday. With the new year in mind, I feel a lot more motivated to dedicate more time into my blog, as mentioned in my 2015 Blogging Resolutions, and generally put 110% into everything instead of just a half-hearted 80%.

Instagram: RhiannonBlog London Blackfriars

I took this a few days before Christmas, and I am actually looking forward to going back to work and London. Getting back into a routine and busy workloads stops me from watching episode after episode of Friends, whilst eating the last of the chocolate and making my own boyfriend

Instagram: RhiannonBlog Christmas Tree 2014

Rather than our usual massive Christmas tree, we opted for a slimmer version which suited the room quite well! We took our decorations down yesterday, as Christmas is officially over in our household too :( Bah humbug!

Instagram: RhiannonBlog Top Things That Happened in 2014

I uploaded my Top Things That Happened in 2014 last week. I know these posts make their way through the blogging community, but it's that time of year for reflection, being grateful for all the things that happened that year and looking forward to the year ahead. You can read my post here - it does get quite emotional!

Instagram: RhiannonBlog New Years Eve

I've never been a fan of New Years Eve. It just gets hyped up every year and there's so much pressure to do something, even if we'd all rather be at home in our PJs eating Christmas food! This time I just went for a drink with a few friends and had a laugh - no pressure at midnight either, just tequila shots all round!

Instagram: RhiannonBlog New Year

Okay, so now 361 new days and new chances. But still. I've decided 2015 will be the year that I remember with the greatest, funnest, funniest and just bestest (yes I made that word up) year I'll ever have. After all, it won't come around again!

What's been your highlight this week? Who's looking forward to the New Year?

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