Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Christmas Family Traditions

So to keep the Christmas theme going (Lets face it - we're all pretty sick of Christmas blog posts now!) I thought I would share a few of my family's Christmas traditions. I'm sure a lot of families do these to get them into the spirit, so make sure to comment below about your traditions!

Christmas Traditions

1. Putting the tree up on the 1st Sunday of December. 
This usually involves having the Snowman or Father Christmas films on in the background, with a few mince pies to hand. Although me and my mum have totally different tastes (I love tinsel but she can't stand it!) we end up with something that we both like. 

2. Stirring the Christmas Cake. 
From as far as I can remember, it's tradition for the whole family to take turns stirring the Christmas cake to make a wish on Stir-up Sunday. It's just something very nostalgic to do with the family each year.

3. Christmas Eve. I'm pretty sure everyone has their own traditions, but this one is definitely going to stick around for a while! Once we've all come home from work, we'll all head off to our local church to sing some Christmas carols and finish off the day with fish 'n' chips from the place I used to work at. It's the last family meal before Christmas day and saves having to cook anything, plus who would say no to fish 'n' chips?!

4. Full English and Bucks Fizz. 
We definitely don't go by halves on the food front for Christmas! We'll be having the traditional full English with a cuppa and Bucks Fizz - because it's Christmas, so why not?

5. The Queen's Speech. 
Without fail, at around 3pm on Christmas Day you'll hear my mum shouting 'It's the Queen's speech!'  So we'll all sit round and listen to the impossibly long speech and all finish off with a relieving sigh!

6. The Ultimate Monopoly Game. 
As it turns into the evening, someone will crack out the Monopoly board and we'll spend at least 10 minutes choosing which counter we'll be. And because I'm a sore loser, I'll be banker because my sister's boyfriend always wins and manages to place a hotel on each property. No hard feelings here of course...

What Christmas traditions do you have? Do you agree with any of the above?

Thanks for reading
Rhiannon xx

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