Monday, 22 December 2014

A Very Christmas-ssy Instagram: London, Benefit Advent Calendar and Party Dress

A slightly late Sunday Instagram post, but it's true when they say the weekend before Christmas is one of the busiest! Although I finished my shopping last week (hi-five!) it's the last minute cramming in to see friends and family and the whole gift exchange. Personally - I love it!

Christmas Lush Presents

Lush was my last stop for Christmas presents. I normally leave this a week or so before so they're extra fresh! I won't say what I bought in case the receivers might read it - but I love all the Christmas themed bath bombs. Although, I really don't like Snow Fairy, is it just me?!

Christmas at Covent Garden London

Christmas at Liberty London

I thought I'd couple these two together because they're festive pictures! The first one is of Covent Garden when I was passing it in the morning. It's so quiet and is actually the perfect time to explore and get pictures. 

The second is of the famous Liberty store. It's literally decked out in Christmas decorations everywhere with music playing all day. If you're in London before Christmas, definitely go here!

Benefit Advent Christmas Calendar 2014

Don't you wish advent calendar's could continue through to January? It would probably make the depressing month a little easier. So far, I've been loving my Benefit Advent Calendar besides the random days (hair ties and sticky-notes anyone?) it's been well worth it.

H&M Christmas Party Dress

Following on the festive theme (bet you've had enough of Christmas now!) I did an OOTD post last week with my Christmas Party Dress. I still adore it and am planning to wear it on New Years Eve with heels and my trusty leather jacket.

So that's my week running up to Christmas! What's been your highlight this week? Are you ready for Christmas day?

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