Wednesday, 31 December 2014

2015 Blog Resolutions

I didn't actually do a 2014 Blog Resolution last year, although I think I mentioned in a 2013 post that I'll try and stop doing the head tilt in OOTD's. Regardless to say that failed miserably!

Before I get onto the 2015 blogging goals, I just want to say a massive THANK YOU to all those who have pressed the 'follow' button or commented on Everything But The Kitchen Sink. It means so so much to me to know that people enjoy reading my blog (even if it rambles on a bit too much!) and I hope I can continue to improve and better my blog for 2015!

My Blogging Resolutions for 2015

1. Widen My Content
Everything But The Kitchen Sink did start off as a typical fashion blog, but I've begun incorporating more beauty and lifestyle posts throughout the year. As they say, variety is the spice of life, so I plan to create posts which have better talking points and that everyone can relate to. 

2. Improve My Photography
Along with every single other 2015 blogging resolutions post, I want to improve my photography. I bought a Canon 1100D over a year ago and it's barely left my room, being used for just OOTD's and beauty posts mainly. But I have already started taking it out on trips, and taking photos of places I've been to. So I hope to do a lot more of this!

3. Plan, Plan, Plan
Even though I am a fairly organised person, sometimes my blog gets a little neglected. And sometimes I rush posts just to get something on my blog, so I want to take a bit more time and care on my posts! I'm keeping a notebook to jot ideas and plan posts so I can be more prepared, as well as taking photos in bulk.  

4. Be Confident In My Blog
2014 has been a massive confidence milestone and I'm much more open to talking about my blog, as it is something I'm proud of. The next step will hopefully be getting business cards, openly sharing my blog on my personal Facebook and interacting more with other bloggers!

5. Continue Enjoying What I'm Doing
Finishing off with the most important of the all. There's a quote from actor Heath Ledger which relates to this "I'm only doing this because I'm having fun. The day I stop having fun, I'll just walk away." I very much doubt it'll ever come to the day I stop having fun, but I don't want this blog to be forced (if that makes sense) or become a chore, because why carrying on doing something that's no longer fun?

So there's my 2015 Blogging Resolutions! Share yours in the comments below and we can all help each other achieve them.

Rhiannon xx

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Christmas: Beauty and Fashion Presents 2014

Christmas Beauty and Fashion Presents 2014

Hello again! I hope you all had a wonderful and relaxing Christmas break. I definitely have a love/hate relationship with Christmas - I adore it when it's here but it always goes so quickly! 

I thought I'd share a few beauty and fashion presents I was grateful enough to receive this year. Of course, this post is by no means bragging, but I love seeing what other people got (and you might even find some of these things in the sales!)

Real Techniques Nic's Picks Brushes
Real Techniques Nic's Picks (From L-R Duo-Fiber Face Brush, Cheek Brush, Angled Shadow Brush, Base Shadow Brush and Eyeliner Brush)

This was the main present I was looking forward to for ages! The set of five include 3 brand new brushes and two popular brushes from previous collections, the Duo-Fiber Face Brush and Base Shadow Brush. I've only used them a couple of times now (look out for a review soon!) and my favourite so far is the Cheek Brush, perfect for blush and highlighter.

Soap & Glory Your Own Sweet Lime and All The Right Smoothes Gift Sets
Soap & Glory Your Own Sweet Lime and All The Right Smoothes Gift Sets

It's a well-known thing that I'm completely obsessed with Soap & Glory body and skincare products. They always get the scent perfect and live up to their claims. Needless to say these two will be getting a lot of use over the next year!

Paul Smith Floral Perfume
Paul Smith Floral Perfume

If there's any signature 'Rhiannon' scent, this is definitely it. Still with a hint of musk, it's a classic floral perfume that I always return to!

Tigi Bed Head Small Talk and Foxy Curls
Tigi Bed Head Small Talk and Foxy Curls

I've never tried anything from Tigi Bed Head before, but my sister picked these two up for me after trying and loving them herself. They both come in a cream form and have a sweet sugary smell, which is delicious. I've been reaching for Foxy Curls the most and I just love the soft and shiny effect it leaves. I'll definitely be doing a review on these two soon!

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser
Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser

There's nothing quite like sweeping a hot cloth across your face to remove your make up and the day. All of the natural ingredients and essential oils make it smell so gorgeous and my skin has felt so soft ever since! I can definitely see why this is the favourite cleanser so far.

Christmas: Beauty and Fashion Presents 2014

Christmas: Beauty and Fashion Presents 2014
New Look Scarf, Marks and Spencer Socks, Forever 21 Hat, Miss Selfridge Earrings and New Look Earrings

And Christmas wouldn't be complete with a new winter scarf. I've had my eye on this from New Look for a while, so I think my friend must've read my mind! The fluffy socks and hat are God sends now the cold winter weather has officially arrived. I adore both earrings and am definitely going to wear one of them for New Year's Eve!

So there's a few presents I got this Christmas, I've got another presents with lifestyle-type gifts to show you too. I hope you enjoyed this post and maybe got a few ideas for future birthday gifts.

Thanks for reading
Rhiannon xx

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

OOTD: Christmas Jumper Day

OOTD Christmas Jumper Day

OOTD Christmas Jumper Day
Coat: Zara
Jumper and Dress: New Look
Boots: Topshop
Bag: Accessorize

As if I ever need an excuse to wear my Christmas jumper... A few weeks ago it was Christmas Jumper Day in aid of Save The Children. So I dragged my favourite Christmas jumper out from my wardrobe and joined the rest of my work colleagues. It was quite a few years ago when I bought this jumper, but I remember it being sold out everywhere and having to order it in online, it's crazy to see Christmas Jumpers have become such a big thing now! Besides the Christmas-style outfit, I've grown to love wearing jumpers over dresses and I'll definitely be wearing more jumpers like this in the future.

Hopefully when you read this, I'll be singing along to Christmas carols at my local church or stuffing my face with fish 'n' chips before the big day. Even though I'm grown up now (debatable) I still get those child-like butterflies in my stomach when thinking about Christmas - it can't just be me?!

I hope you all have a great Christmas and thanks for reading!
Rhiannon xx

Christmas Jumpers at work!

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Christmas Family Traditions

So to keep the Christmas theme going (Lets face it - we're all pretty sick of Christmas blog posts now!) I thought I would share a few of my family's Christmas traditions. I'm sure a lot of families do these to get them into the spirit, so make sure to comment below about your traditions!

Christmas Traditions

1. Putting the tree up on the 1st Sunday of December. 
This usually involves having the Snowman or Father Christmas films on in the background, with a few mince pies to hand. Although me and my mum have totally different tastes (I love tinsel but she can't stand it!) we end up with something that we both like. 

2. Stirring the Christmas Cake. 
From as far as I can remember, it's tradition for the whole family to take turns stirring the Christmas cake to make a wish on Stir-up Sunday. It's just something very nostalgic to do with the family each year.

3. Christmas Eve. I'm pretty sure everyone has their own traditions, but this one is definitely going to stick around for a while! Once we've all come home from work, we'll all head off to our local church to sing some Christmas carols and finish off the day with fish 'n' chips from the place I used to work at. It's the last family meal before Christmas day and saves having to cook anything, plus who would say no to fish 'n' chips?!

4. Full English and Bucks Fizz. 
We definitely don't go by halves on the food front for Christmas! We'll be having the traditional full English with a cuppa and Bucks Fizz - because it's Christmas, so why not?

5. The Queen's Speech. 
Without fail, at around 3pm on Christmas Day you'll hear my mum shouting 'It's the Queen's speech!'  So we'll all sit round and listen to the impossibly long speech and all finish off with a relieving sigh!

6. The Ultimate Monopoly Game. 
As it turns into the evening, someone will crack out the Monopoly board and we'll spend at least 10 minutes choosing which counter we'll be. And because I'm a sore loser, I'll be banker because my sister's boyfriend always wins and manages to place a hotel on each property. No hard feelings here of course...

What Christmas traditions do you have? Do you agree with any of the above?

Thanks for reading
Rhiannon xx

Monday, 22 December 2014

A Very Christmas-ssy Instagram: London, Benefit Advent Calendar and Party Dress

A slightly late Sunday Instagram post, but it's true when they say the weekend before Christmas is one of the busiest! Although I finished my shopping last week (hi-five!) it's the last minute cramming in to see friends and family and the whole gift exchange. Personally - I love it!

Christmas Lush Presents

Lush was my last stop for Christmas presents. I normally leave this a week or so before so they're extra fresh! I won't say what I bought in case the receivers might read it - but I love all the Christmas themed bath bombs. Although, I really don't like Snow Fairy, is it just me?!

Christmas at Covent Garden London

Christmas at Liberty London

I thought I'd couple these two together because they're festive pictures! The first one is of Covent Garden when I was passing it in the morning. It's so quiet and is actually the perfect time to explore and get pictures. 

The second is of the famous Liberty store. It's literally decked out in Christmas decorations everywhere with music playing all day. If you're in London before Christmas, definitely go here!

Benefit Advent Christmas Calendar 2014

Don't you wish advent calendar's could continue through to January? It would probably make the depressing month a little easier. So far, I've been loving my Benefit Advent Calendar besides the random days (hair ties and sticky-notes anyone?) it's been well worth it.

H&M Christmas Party Dress

Following on the festive theme (bet you've had enough of Christmas now!) I did an OOTD post last week with my Christmas Party Dress. I still adore it and am planning to wear it on New Years Eve with heels and my trusty leather jacket.

So that's my week running up to Christmas! What's been your highlight this week? Are you ready for Christmas day?

Thanks for reading
Rhiannon xx

Saturday, 20 December 2014

Christmas Party Outfit with H&M and Zara

Jacket: Zara
Dress and Bag: H&M
Shoes: New Look
Earrings: River Island

Tis the season and all for.... Christmas parties! I had my work Christmas party last Friday at a modern Asian-fusion restuarant, not too far away from the offices. We met up with the rest of the office people (we don't all work together), so it was nice to meet and catch up with a few people I haven't seen in a while. Although my night ended quite late with a few too many mojitos and Jack Daniels, it was by far the best Christmas party I've been to so far.

On to the outfit! I picked this one up in H&M when the crazy Black Friday sales were on, and got a nice 20% off. It's fairly simple with a high neck and lace trim around the shoulders, but I wanted something that I'd feel comfortable in (i.e. no thigh skimming body-con dress!) and would be able to eat away to my hearts content without looking it too!

I chose to keep my make up simple, with a smokey eye and pink lip stain and kept jewellery to a minimum. Pairing with my favourite black leather jacket and bag, I was ready for the chaotic night ahead! I'm planning to wear this dress for New Years Eve but with a pair of nude wedges and a smaller bag, and perhaps slightly more daring make up....

What do you think of this outfit? What's your perfect Christmas party outfit?

Thanks fore reading
Rhiannon x

Thursday, 18 December 2014

OOTD: Aztec Mini Skirt and White V-Neck Shirt

OOTD Aztec Mini Skirt and White V-Neck Shirt

OOTD Aztec Mini Skirt and White V-Neck Shirt
Jacket and Cardigan: Zara
Skirt and Boots: Topshop
T-Shirt: Forever 21
Bag and Tights: H&M
Scarf: New Look

I'm pretty sure you've all seen this outfit or a similar one before, but if it ain't broke, why fix it?! This skirt has probably been one of my favourite purchases of the year (not far behind my all-time leather jacket) and I've had to stop wearing it too much in case people start to wonder if I actually own and wear anything else. But once you've found an piece of clothing that has a great fit, amazing quality, doesn't cost an arm and a leg and one that you really like, it's hard to let go!

This coat has yet again saved me from a very cold and wet winter. If you're still searching for a winter coat, go to Zara (especially the TRF section) and you'll find some great quality coats with reasonable prices. I've also got to give credit to wooly tights. Not just for when you're in primary school. They've been a god-send for when I've been waiting for a train at 7am wondering whether I'll actually be seeing daylight.

What's your winter essentials? Anyone else just throwing on whatever is the warmest?

Thanks for reading
Rhiannon x

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Sunday Instagram: Full English, Andrea Faustini and Christmas Jumpers

So my Instagram this week has been slightly lacking in, well... pictures. But I have got a few festive pictures to make up for it! Less than two weeks until the big day now guys!

The Shard Full English Breakfast London

So it was my mum's birthday last Monday, so me and my sister took her up The Shard for breakfast, which was delicious. I got the full english (obviously) and oh my god, the bacon was delish. I did a photo post when I visited it last Easter here

The Shard Christmas Tree

We had to have the obligatory photo under the Christmas tree at the Shard too!

Paddington Borough Market London

If you've been up to London recently, there's been tons of Paddingtons around! I spotted this one in Borough Market, but I've also seen a few in Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square too.

Andrea Faustini X Factor

Also in Leicester Square was Andrea Faustini who came third in the X Factor this year. It was just by chance that he was there when we walked past and managed to get a photo quick!

National Christmas Jumper Day

As it was National Christmas Jumper Day last Friday, a few of the girls at work decided to don our festive jumpers for the day. I actually picked mine up years ago from New Look and it's still going strong.

What's been your highlight this week? How are we all feeling about Christmas?

Thanks for reading
Rhiannon x

Thursday, 11 December 2014

How To: Survive Christmas Shopping

How To Survive Christmas Shopping

As we're well into the advent calendar season, it's time to start do some serious Christmas shopping. I've been slightly more organised than last year and have got the majority of my shopping done, and wrapped! So here's a little guide to how you can survive Christmas shopping:

1. Write a list.

Even though this isn't just a Christmas thing, lists are incredibly handy when you're Christmas shopping for the family. I usually search through the Christmas catalogues and online websites to find presents, then armed with my list, go to the shop and buy them! 

2. Wear good shoes.

Now I sound like my Mum. But if you're walking around for a few hours, you don't want to be breaking into your new and uncomfortable new shoes. Trainers or boots are your best options, and across-the-body bags also make for an easier shopping experience!

3. Take some handgel.

If you're travelling on public transport, this is a must. But with everyone sneezing and coughing, you really don't want to be catching their germs before Christmas! Plus, think about how many people have touched those card pin-pads...

4. Plan your route.

This may just be me (holler if it isn't!) but I like to know where I'm going when I'm shopping, just because it saves so much time than having to double back on yourself. Also, going to the shops first where you know they'll be super busy is such a time-saver. 

5. Enjoy it!

Above all, just enjoy it! It only comes round once a year and with all the festive events, music and food and wine, it's hard not to get into the Christmas spirit. 

So there's my How To: Survive Christmas Shopping! What's your tips on surviving Christmas shopping?

Thanks for reading!
Rhiannon xx

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

OOTD: White Skirt and Burgundy Skirt

Jacket: Zara
Shirt: ASOS
Skirt: New Look
Boots: Topshop
Necklace: H&M

You can never beat a string of pearls to add a bit of sophistication and elegance to an outfit. Even though we're definitely in the colder months, you won't be able to get me out of skirt as long as Primark's Super Cosy Tights are around! In between fleece leggings and wooly tights, if you haven't got any yet - drop everything and get yourself a pair.

As usual, I'm still wearing my shirts buttoned up right to the top and tucking it into a skirt - once you've got your style, you've just got to stick with it. Plus, who said burgundy does't go with red heads?! I've actually picked up my Christmas Party/New Years Eve dress, it's a bright red (see it here) and I just can't wait to wear it! Ramble over - this OOTD is definitely one of my favourite styles of this year.

What do you think of this outfit?

Thanks for reading
Rhiannon xx

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Instagram: The Benefit Advent Calendar, Sleepy Cats and Lights

Only a few more weeks until the big day! This weekend has been filled with Christmas shopping and markets, with lots of festive songs and decorating our tree. Plus, I've been singing along to many Christmas carols too...

Wilko Moroccan-Style Lights

It's time to get the lights out, and these were such a steal at just £6 for 20 at Wilko! They're Moroccan-style round lights with a battery and switch at the end, perfect for dark winter evenings.

Nails Inc Porchester Square

In the November Glamour issue, they gave away a Nails Inc polish and I picked a pretty mauve-grey shade (Porchester Square). First off, I love the consistency and they only started chipping yesterday, which is pretty good in my books.

Benefit Christmas Advent Calendar 2014

I was lucky enough to pick up a Benefit Christmas Advent Calendar this year! I've been showing what I've been getting each day on my Instagram (@RhiannonBlog) so make sure you're following to find out what each door holds!

I just had to share this picture! This cat was all curled up on a parking meter, sunbathing in the sun and I think he got a pretty good spot.

As with any Christmas tradition, here's something to add a bit of festive spirit to my coat! All donations go to St Catherine's Hospice, a local charity which we've raised money for in the past. 

So there's my Instagram week, what's been your highlight?

Thanks for reading
Rhiannon xx

Saturday, 6 December 2014

Photo Diary: A Trip to Bruges

Once a year, I'll take a festive trip with my mum and sister to a Christmas market in the UK or in Europe. Last year was Bath (post here) which is one of my favourites, and this year we travelled to Bruges! It was nice to get away for a few days and just relax, and I know that there will be a ton of laughs with my sister and mum!

This is a little photo diary (trust me, there was a lot to go through!), so enjoy!

Belgian Hot Chocolate

Belgian Waffle and Ice Cream

After a long journey, we had to refill with Belgian Waffles and Hot Chocolate!

Bruges Christmas Square

Bruges Christmas Square

We checked out all the Christmas markets, although they were a little disappointing, but nevertheless very Christmassy! It all looked so gorgeous at night with all the lights on.

Chocolate Museum

Chip Museum

As Belguim is famous for its chocolate and chips, a trip to the museums was in order. As well as sibling fun with the props!
FYI: Chocolate is actually good for you and doesn't harm your teeth as much as you'd expect!

Bruges Canal Trip

Bruges Canal Trip

Bruges Canal Trip

We took a canal ride around the city and had a tour guide telling us all about the old buildings and bridges. The buildings are literally right up to the waters edge, with some having boat doors too. If you're going to Bruges, definitely do a canal trip as it's a great way to see the city!

Bruges Christmas Shop

Bruges Christmas Shop

Of course we did a bit of Christmas shopping - and their shop windows looked beautiful. I think Europe definitely feels a lot more festive than the UK!

Bruges Canal

Bruges Canal

Our second to last day was so sunny and bright but still chilly, perfect for a few photos! Our hotel was nearby the canal and I loved being near the water and watching the boats go by. Excuse the squinty face in the last picture!

Brussels Square

Brussels Square

Before we caught our Eurostar from Brussels, we had a bit of time to kill so wandered round the city for a while. As well as visiting many fancy chocolate shops!

So there's a few snippets of my trip to Bruges - it's safe to say I ate way too much chocolate and waffles! What do you think?

Thanks for reading
Rhiannon xx

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