Sunday, 16 November 2014

Instagram: Dogs, Hummus and Benefit Advent Calendar

It's hard not to be in the festive cheer with all those blog posts flying around and famous Christmas adverts landing on our TV's (I personally love #MontyThePenguin) I'm totally in the Christmas mood now, with only a few weeks left! Watch out for my Top Christmas Gifts Under £10 post coming up soon :)

I just couldn't not share this photo this week! I spotted him whilst walking through town, looking so causal like he does it every day and is just waiting for his chauffeur to arrive. What a dog. 

My mum and I went to see the poppies on the last night before they were taken out - and boy was it busy! We managed to shuffle along one side, but it was so packed we couldn't get round all the way, still pretty amazing, even in the dark!

A bit of a throwback to last Halloween when my friend Lu was helping me pick out a costume. I ended up with this pumpkin costume, which has topped my previous witch/cat/devil costumes!

Another super healthy Hummus Bros salad I got last week: they do the richest and yummiest hummus I've tasted for a long time! It's basically a bowl with a layer of hummus, then vegetables and whatever toppings you want in the middle. Obviously I was on a slight health-kick before Christmas and chose falafel's!

Oooh, finally got my hands on one of the Benefit Advent Calendars! My friend picked it up from her work, and I literally can't wait to open door one! I'll be posting each day on my Instagram of what I get behind each door. 

I hope you all have a great week!
Rhiannon xx

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