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Concealer 101 with Rimmel, Collection, MAC and Benefit

Concealer 101 with Rimmel, Collection, MAC and Benefit

Although I'm not a make up guru or expert, I know a good foundation base can make all the difference to your make up. 

A little background to my make up preferences: I hate, hate, cakey foundation that looks like you've just slam dunked your face into a pot of foundation. And don't even get me started on those orange-to-white jaw lines! All in all, I'm all about natural-looking make up whilst not spending a fortune.

Concealer 101 with Rimmel, Collection, MAC and Benefit

Starting off with the ever so hyped Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Concealer. As concealers go, it's great for covering blemishes, imperfections and dark eye circles. But be warned, sometimes it can lean towards the cakey side! I generally use this for under my eyes and have found that it sometimes slides into my lines.

Tip: For using this concealer, I always use a small brush. Sometimes it works well blending with your fingers, but a brush gives you the ease of blending for a natural look.

Concealer 101 with Rimmel, Collection, MAC and Benefit

Another equally hyped concealer, the Rimmel London Wake Me Up Concealer. Much lighter than the Collection version, I actually prefer this over it. Although I wouldn't use on blemishes, it's perfect under the eyes and instantly brightens them.

Tip: Less is more with this product, so don't apply too much. And I always find apply little blobs under my eyes makes it a lot easier to blend!

Concealer 101 with Rimmel, Collection, MAC and Benefit

My first official liquid concealer, before this one it was those unhygienic sticks from Seventeen! The MAC Select Cover-Up is my all-time favourite. Brilliant at getting rid of dark eyes and spots, the only thing is that you have to work quickly with this product, otherwise it sets fast! 

Tip: I'll apply the tiniest and I mean tiny, blob to the back of my hand, then use a small concealer brush to blend under my eyes and dab onto spots. 

Concealer 101 with Rimmel, Collection, MAC and Benefit

Benefit's Boi-ing is a fairly recent discovery, after neglecting it for the past few months when receiving it as a Christmas present last year. I started off using 01 because I thought it matched my pale skin, but actually 02 works best as it counteracts my dark eye circles like a dream!

Tip: Warm the product with your finger tips first, then dab across your eyes or blemish rather than dragging.

So there's my concealer 101 collection and tips! What's your favourite concealer? Any tips?

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