Sunday, 12 October 2014

The Fluffy Primark Coat

Fluffy Primark Coat

Fluffy Primark Coat

Fluffy Primark Coat

Fluffy Primark Coat

Fluffy Primark Coat
Fluffy Primark Coat: £25

I've always been loyal to my beloved Zara when it comes to winter coats. Their quality is amazing and I know I'm going to get a coat that'll last me years, in terms of style and wear and tear. But, recently Primark has been stepping up its game, with tons of styles to choose from at reasonable prices.

This coat comes in cream, black and a grey-purple shade, all of which are equally gorgeous! It's not a particularly thick coat, but worn with a wooly jumper, jeans and boots and I'll still stay cosy and warm. Whenever I wear this (and let me tell you, I'm wearing it tons now it's colder!) it feels like I'm hugging a massive polar bear, which isn't a bad thing... I adore the collar, it's a coat I can wear with a scarf and throw over jeans but still look smart!

I'll probably be wearing this coat until it gets way too cold and I have to bring out this Zara beauty again! I'd definitely recommend checking out Primark's coats for the in-between stage of needing a warmer jacket to a full on puffer-Michelin man coat, when the UK gets snowed under!

What do you guys think of this coat? What's your favourite winter coat?

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Rhiannon xx

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