Saturday, 4 October 2014

A London Trip or Two... To Kill A Mockingbird and Tower of London Poppies

 Warning - photo overload in this post! I'm combining two trips to London in one post, mainly because they took place across two days in a row and I'm that lazy!

Regents Park

Regents Park

First off, a few weeks ago I went to Regents Park to the Open Air Theatre to see To Kill A Mockingbird. I've never actually been to Regents Park before, only Hyde Park and a few other little patches of green, but I can definitely say I'll be coming back very soon!

It's crazy just how big the park is and how much maintenance it takes to keep the park presentable all year round. I love the fact that in a city as industrial and modern as London, you can still find a bit of nature and calmness.  

To Kill A Mockingbird Open Air Theatre Regents Park

To Kill A Mockingbird Open Air Theatre Regents Park
Outside the theatre

To Kill A Mockingbird Open Air Theatre Regents Park

I can't remember how long ago I actually booked tickets to see To Kill A Mockingbird, but it sure lived up to expectations. I had seen masses of positive reviews from the year before and just missed out on the chance to go along and see it then. 

Although the stage doesn't look like much, the acting and whole choreography of it is amazing. They had about nine narrators, who would also play the secondary characters alongside Scout, Gem and Atticus. The kids were brilliant and the entire performance kept me captivated from start to finish. 

Regents Park Open Air Theatre has great shows on in the summer - so I'd thoroughly recommend booking it for the next summer! 

Tower of London Poppies

Tower of London Poppies

Tower of London Poppies

We also did the Tower of London Poppies Memorial whilst we were in the city. It's literally a sea of red when you first approach, and it's not even finished yet! Up until the 11th November, over eight hundred thousand poppies will scatter the outside of the Tower of London, each in memory of a soldier who died in the First World War, as it's 100 years since the war. 

Every night until then, at around dusk, 180 names of soldiers are read out and you can actually nominate a name too. It's a very poignant service and quite emotional. You can also buy the hand-made poppies for £25, with a percentage going to various service charities. 

The Shard at night
The Shard ( I did a post a while ago when I got breakfast up there!)

The London Eye

London Bridge

And the standard tourist photos! It's incredible just how much of a difference these landmarks look like in the evening compared to the day time. Plus, they make for a good Instagram shot...

So there's my recent London trips! Have you guys done anything in the capital recently?

Thanks for reading!
Rhiannon xx

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