Tuesday, 16 September 2014

The Brogues

Clarks Brown Leather Brogues

Clarks Brown Leather Brogues

Clarks Brown Leather Brogues

To say I've been after the perfect pair of brogues for a while is an understatement. I just can never find The Pair and would much rather spend the money on clothes and beauty products! But then I just stumbled across Clarks of all places and found these beauties.

From what I can remember, I haven't been, let alone purchase anything, in a Clarks store for years. It's always been the place you go to for school shoes, but never really think of it outside of that. Even though it's a higher price tag than what you would spend in New Look or Topshop, the quality more than justifies the expense. 

It's leather, which you already know is going to last years, even with a few scuffs here and there. They also do half sizes which is perfect for mildly annoying feet like mine who can't decide if they're a five or six! And it has cushioning in the sole. It's literally like walking on clouds. The heel isn't too high either, great still for running for the train and the last Pret sandwich (not going to deny it!)

But what I like most about them is the classic Brogue style. This particular style is known as a Full Brogue or Wingtips, because of the top cap is a 'W' shape which looks like a bird with its wings stretched out. It has just a few perforations in the leather, which I prefer, because too much might just look a little crazy.  

So there you go, my perfect pair of Brogues. I could probably babble on for ages about a pair of shoes, but let's keep my fashion crazy short and sweet!

What do you guys think of Brogues? Love them or hate them?

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Rhiannon xx

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