Saturday, 6 September 2014

Review: Urbanears Plattan in Coral

Urbanears Plattan in Coral

I'm not one for buying fancy gadget accessories, the basics will do me just fine, but sometimes spending a little bit more for better quality makes all the difference. I'd heard about Urbanears from a few college friends (one of them being a massive music journo) and they all raved about how good the sound quality was compared to the standard iPhone headphones and compatibility of Beats. I decided to pick up a pair as a late birthday present and haven't looked back since!

Urbanears Plattan in Coral

Urbanears do various types of headphones (six to be precise), ones that cover the whole ear and some in ear styles. I chose the Plattan in Coral, and let me say, choosing the colour was the hardest part! There's so much choice and you can add accessories to personalise your headphones. On to the quality, the fabric on the band and actual ear pieces are super comfy and I like the fact that the wire isn't made of plastic, so I can throw them around and wind up them up as much as I like without having to worry about breaking them. Obviously they are larger than your usual in ear headphones, but I'd say it's only roughly the size of my fist so I can tuck them in my bag easily. The actual sound quality has impressed me. You don't have to have the volume turned up to the maximum to block out noise and as it covers your whole ear you get the full music experience.

In short, I couldn't rave on about these enough! If you're looking for a cheaper and, in my opinion, more stylish version of Beats, then go for Urbanears. You're saving yourself more than £200 and the quality is just as good. 

What do you think of these headphones? Are you a fan of the on ear headphones?

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