Saturday, 13 September 2014

I Heart Instagram Tag

Oooh, I do love a good tag! Especially if it's one that I've yet to hear and read of. The sweet Josie at Josie's Journal tagged me, and as I love tags and Instagram, its a match made in heaven...

What's your Instagram handle?
RhiannonBlog, it matches my Twitter and I couldn't think of anything else more imaginative! It pretty much does what it says on the tin. Plus 'Everything But The Kitchen Sink' is a pretty long name for both Twitter and Instagram!

How many accounts do you follow?
137. Mainly fashion and beauty brands, magazines and bloggers, who I tend to lust over their perfectly positioned photos with an all white background!

How many followers do you have?
71. I don't really look at the numbers too much, even if one person likes it then that's enough for me!

What are your favourite hashtags?
Probably my most used are #OOTD #fbloggers #London #Brighton because I like sharing my daily outfits and any cool images I get when travelling to either city.

What is your favourite genre of photo?
Definitely fashion or OOTD style posts! Even though I totally fail at taking them myself (I can never find the right angle/light) I do enjoy scrolling through and seeing what all the fashion bloggers are wearing.

How often do you post?
Really depends on what I'm doing that day and what I see. If I'm super busy and just flat-out from work, then I probably won't post, but I try to post at least one a day!

How often do you check your Instagram feed?
Wayy too often to be healthy! During the weekdays it might be just five times a day, but at the weekends it's more likely ten times or more...

What's your favourite filter?
I switch between 'Rise' and 'Earlybird' they're both very light and flattering. 'Earlybird' adds a vintage-feel to images, whereas 'Rise' is a white spotlight, great for OOTD.

Smartphone purist or rebel? 
Definitely a smartphone purist, I don't know any other way of posting an image?!

Your three favourite Instagram accounts:

@alexsteinherr - she's the Beauty Director at Glamour and has the most beautiful pictures of beauty products to lust over!
@parisinfourmonths - I discovered her Instagram through her blog and she just posts amazing pictures of Paris, croissants and macaroons
@whitneyeveport - famous for The Hills and The City, Whitney has her own clothing range and it. is. just. so. cool.

I tag Jessica Laura Chaitra and Kate!

What do you guys think of Instagram? Love it or hate it? Also, leave your Instagram links below :)

Thanks for reading!
Rhiannon xxx

P.S Gotta mention the amazing @randomturtle account just for the laughs. Seriously, go look at it.

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