Saturday, 27 September 2014

A Day in Brighton and Bill's

Brighton Beach Front
Sunny times on the beach. (look at that perfectly timed seagull!)

A few weeks ago I travelled down to my all-time favourite seaside city of Brighton. I met up with a friend for a catch up and the best Sunday brunch I've had in a long while! 

Brighton Station Piano
Only in Brighton would you get a piano in the middle of the station, free for anyone to play!

To say Brighton means a lot to me is an understatement. For people who haven't read my blog in the past year or so, I used to study in Brighton as a journalist, travelling down four or five times a week. My college was at the far end of the North Laines, which is my favourite part because of the bohemian vibe and unique shops and cafes. 

Brighton Beach Front

It was the perfect day, not a cloud in the sky and it actually felt like summer again! The train was rammed full of tourists and families travelling down for the day, full of happiness and optimism. 

Brighton Bill's

Brighton Bill's

As usual Bill's was super busy, but we managed to squeeze a spot next to all the prams but in the sunshine! I opted for the granola and yogurt with fruit coulis and the best drink of all time, Peach and Mint ice tea, seriously delicious. I've said this before, but nothing beats the original Bill's in Lewes, but across the whole chain, the overall 'Bill' message and aura is still the same. 

Brighton North Laines
My college was right at the far end of these lanes!

Coming back to Brighton after only a few months of leaving it, I genuinely became emotional. As I sat on the train, travelling back through the journey I've done over a hundred times, I camw to realise just how much I adore the city. 

It's difficult to explain what sort of attachment I have towards it. But I guess the only way of describing it is that because I didn't go to uni and 'discover myself' there, I chose an intense course that would speed me through a couple of years learning into just 10 months, which in turn taught me a lot about myself. 

Brighton will always be the city which discovered me, in its non-judgemental and cultural form.It's taught and showed me a hell of a lot about myself and one day I do hope to return to it for good. For now, it's trips like these that make me realise just how appreciative I am for the past year, all the opportunities and vibrancy of Brighton. 

Sorry for the ramble-type post, it's been something playing on my mind for a while! Maybe I'll do a 'Brighton Favourites' post and show you what parts I love best. 

Have you guys been to Brighton? What's your favourite town, city or place?

Thanks for reading!
Rhiannon xx

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