Thursday, 7 August 2014

The Fault In Our Stars: Book vs Film

The Fault In Our Stars Book by John Green

It's always hard to imagine your well-loved and favourite book being turned into a film. Whether key scenes are missed out, important character lines deleted or the whole story is changed (My Sister's Keeper - I'm looking at you!) turning books into films can be a tricky process. 

What I loved about The Fault In Our Stars film version is how true to kept to the novel. Literally almost every character line was kept to the word and Hazel and Augustus' personalities were nailed down to a T. From what I can tell (bearing in mind I last saw the film and read the book a month ago) the filmmakers only omitted one secondary story of Augustus' previous girlfriend Caroline, who died from cancer, and a few other moments which didn't alter the plot line anyway. Obviously it's understandable that not all the key scenes took place where the book had said, but the fact that John Green took part in the whole film process kept me reassured that the novel would be kept in mind when filming. 

Overall, I loved it. It's hard not to, really! I adored the book and after seeing the film it definitely lived up to my expectations. I reviewed the book a little while ago here and I did a little bio in my Top Five Books here. If you haven't seen it already (Why not?!) please go do! It's one of those amazing. life changing films that should be a must-see on everyone's lists!

What did you think of the film? Do you prefer the book or the film?

Thanks for reading!
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