Friday, 15 August 2014

Primark Basic Work Haul 2014

My new office is about a four minute walk (yes, I timed it) from the Tottenham Court Primark. Very dangerous times for any blogger! On my first week of work I decided to treat myself and have a nosey round Primark, even though I was only suppose to go in there for socks! Excuse the no-head shots and creased clothes - always the professional blogger...

Slim Fit Beige Trousers £9

You can't really fault Primark on their basic work clothes. I've picked up smart shirts, smart shoes (okay, they do break after a while!) and bags all work intended and they've been just as good as New Look and Topshop. I spotted these trousers first and I think they'll be a great basic to pair shirts and different tops with, as you can normally get away with wearing the same trousers 2-3 times a week but just keep changing the tops!

Slim Fit Navy Trousers £9

Of course I picked the trousers up in navy too! Again, they're a great basic to pair different tops with, plus the look smart without being too smart! The only downside is that they're a little bit too much on the slim side. I'm wearing a 10, which is normally fine for me, but they are a little snug. Time to get exercising again! They're also high waisted which I love, nothing worth than having baggy trousers all the time. 

Khaki Shirt Dress £10

My endless obsession with shirts has now evolved into shirt dresses. Extremely creasey but very wearable. It's slightly too short to wear with tights, perhaps thick ones, but for now leggings will suit fine! I'd probably wear this with pumps and sandals for the summer, then add a pair of boots and thick cardigan for the winter. Versatile work wardrobe!

Black Shirt Dress £10

Surprise surprise Rhiannon bought the dress in black too! But they're great value for money and I know I'm going to get A LOT of wear out of them, even if they do crease up to no end. A nice and smart shirt is never out of place in a office and I get bored of wearing the same ones over and over again!

Nude Snakeskin Slip-ons £7

These were more of an impulse purchase, if anything! Although I did see another blogger wearing them and thought they looked so cool. I think I'll wear them with blue skinny jeans and a white v-neck (again, what a surprise) for a casual look. They'll definitely get me out of my Converse! I did spot the black version, but the white rubber edge contrasts against the black too much for my liking. 

Shoe Liners (Socks?!) £2.50

Unfortunately, I've become one of those workers who wears their trainers to walk to work. But I do have a good 10 minute walk from the station, so there is some justice there! I've been running through my socks pretty quickly, for walking and running in the evenings, so I did actually need some more. Even if I almost walked out of Primark without picking them up... Does anyone else do that?!

What have you been loving in Primark recently?

Thanks for reading!
Rhiannon xx

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