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My Beauty Pamper Essentials

Beauty Pamper Essentials

Giving my skin a good old pamper at the end of the week has to be one of my favourite 'girlie' things to do. Although I don't use all these products on a daily basis (depending on what my skin is like) these are my bare essentials when giving my skin a bit of TLC. My skin is combination/leaning towards dry skin with oily patches, so I think they're quite versatile for middle ground skin types.

Beauty Pamper Essentials Super Facialist by Una Brennan

Super Facialist was a brand I only discovered a few months ago, after reading many blogger reviews and praise. I picked up the Clay Mask (which doesn't seem to be sold in Boots anymore?!) and fell in love with it. Masks I've used before have been gritty and left my skin feeling so tight and much worse before I started. This particular mask does dry quite quickly, so you do get that tight feeling, but turns to cream-like texture when you wash it off. It clears my skin and gives it a deep clean and purifying feeling.

Beauty Pamper Essentials Korres White Tea Fluid Gel Cleanser

Beauty Pamper Essentials Korres White Tea Fluid Gel Cleanser

Oh Korres, how I do love you. It's my first gel cleanser and I think I actually prefer them! I usually double cleanse with another cleanser, but if it's just after using the mask then I probably won't. Too much cleansing!! I love the formula, it froths up quickly and I can feel it really getting deep into my skin and pores. I love Korres for its natural ingredients and products that actually work! Best discovery of the year. 

Beauty Pamper Essentials Lush Tea Tree Toner Water

Tea Tree is a known ingredient for sorting out spot-prone skin and for its antibacterial properties. I'm onto my second bottle and can safely say each bottle lasts me about six months, using it on a daily basis with a few squirts on a cotton pad. The spray application makes it so much easier! You get just the right amount of product in a fuss-free fashion. I'll gently wash the cotton pad across my face, making sure all traces of cleanser are gone. Its deep cleaning and clean feeling afterwards is what'll make me continue to repurchase!

Beauty Pamper Essentials Simple Replenish Rich Moisturiser

After all of the deep cleaning and cleansing, I want to give my skin a light but rich moisturise. I've always been a fan of Simple products - particularly their moisturisers, just because I know there's no harsh chemicals or colouring that could irritate my skin. It's a great basic and I swap between this, my Origins GinZing and Clinque Youth Surge, on days when I feel like I need a bit more. 

Beauty Pamper Essentials Decleor Ylang Ylang Night Balm

I picked this product up about two years ago, after getting a facial and coming away with Decleor samples and not to mention, a much cleaner face! I used up my Night Balm sample pretty quickly, so repurchased on Fragrance Direct. I take a small amount and rub it into my palms then gently apply to my face after moisturising. I love the Ylang Ylang scent and the smoothness of my skin afterwards. I usually apply this three times a week, just because I hate clogging up my skin with too many products on a daily basis!

So there are all my Pamper Essentials! Quite a wide variety, but they're great for when my skin needs an extra oomph and deep clean.

What's your Pamper Essentials? Let me know in the comments!
Rhiannon xx

P.S I have no idea if you guys will be able to see it, but Google+ did a cute gif thing of these pictures! Link here

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