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Love Me Beauty Box July 2014

Love Me Beauty Box July 2014

Love Me Beauty Box July 2014

Love Me Beauty has fast become my guilty beauty pleasure for this year! It's great value for money, with each box costing £12.95 with P+P and worth well over £55. Sometimes the products can be a little random err, teabags anyone?! But the rest of the box has more than made up for it. 

Love Me Beauty Box July 2014 So Susan Flutter Mascara

Review: Starting off with my favourite product of the bunch. For me, mascaras fall into two camps: clumpy, massive and frankly scary spider lashes or natural medium-coat fluttery butterfly lashes. This one definitely falls into the butterfly category! I love the packaging and small wand applicator - you get just the right amount with buildable coverage. Don't judge, but it smells really nice too! Kinda like floral shampoo, can't be a bad thing, right?!

Verdict: I'd 100% buy again and I know I'm going to get tons of use out of it for the rest of the year! 

Love Me Beauty Box July 2014 So Susan Dual Brow Kit

Review:  This product probably disappointed me the most. Mainly because both shades are too dark for my very fair eyebrows! I did use the lighter shade a few times, but found it was far too warm for my complexion. I did like the idea of the Aloe Vera and Carrot Seed Oil ingredients, but whether they made a difference is unlikely with how many times I actually used it!

Verdict: As you can probably guess, I won't be repurchasing this again. It's just the wrong shade for me and I'm sure it'll find a new home at my sister's!

Love Me Beauty Box July 2014 Ofra Pressed Eyeshadow in Sublime

Review: Oh my God is this pigmented! You only need the tiniest bit and a good blending brush to get a good pinky smokey eye. The photo makes it look a lot more purple, rather than the pink-bronze shade it actually is. It has tiny gold shimmer flecks which look amazing alongside a black eyeliner cat flick. I loved using this product and the cute mirror compact makes it a versatile product!

Verdict: I'm not a massive eyeshadow fan, but the quality of this product surprised me. I'd probably pick up a palette version, just because you get a variety of shades and more value for money if you're as indecisive as myself!

Love Me Beauty Box July 2014 Ofra Universal Eyebrow Eyeliner

Review: Again, it's a little too dark for me, but it's great for creating a shadow underneath the eyebrows. I love the creamy and smudgy texture as it makes your eyebrow look more 'natural' looking! I have been using it as a eyeliner too - they're almost the same thing! And I've been liking the effect of that too.

Verdict: Yet another eyebrow product! I feel like they're coming out of my ears! I wouldn't buy this particular one, just because it's too dark but it does make for a nice eyeliner too!

Love Me Beauty Box July 2014 Lashem Enhancing Serum

Review: This was my first ever lash serum that I've bought before, so I wasn't entirely sure what to expect. The tiny applicator is just small enough to give a good coverage of the serum across your lash line. I've been applying this once a day, and so far so good. I'm not exactly jumping for joy, but my lashes do look a lot fuller and longer, which helps when putting mascara on!

Verdict: I'm still not entirely convinced that this product is The One, but there's still a few weeks more of testing to see the full results.

Love Me Beauty Box July 2014 Weleda Sea Buckthorn Body Lotion

Review: This product was actually a surprise as I wasn't expecting it to be in the box! It smells very citrus-y, which I love and the consistency is quite smooth and sinks into the skin without leaving a layer of grease. The only downside to this product is the applicator. I haven't photographed it, but it's a round-ish nozzle with a small hole for the lotion to come out of, but it seems to just pour our rather than squirt?! Sounds weird, but has anyone else had this problem?

Verdict: I most likely won't be repurchasing this item, just because you can probably see from my Birthday Haul that I've got quite a few lotions to get through!

Love Me Beauty Box July 2014 Teashed Ceylon Tea Bags

Review: Tea and I are not the best of friends. I always find that tea is too bland and coffee too strong, so tend to stick to the fruit teas - despite the stigma attached to it! I did try a few of these out and they weren't so bad! I don't add sugar or much milk, so you really get the strongest taste of the tea! 

Verdict: Well even if I didn't like it - my mum did! I won't be buying again, but the Darjeeling and Strawberry, Orange and Lemongrass flavours have interested me!

So there's another Love Me Beauty box done with! A great value for money box this month, with a few good quality products that I'd consider repurchasing again.What do you guys think of this month's Love Me Beauty box? Check out my previous two boxes in June and April.

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