Saturday, 2 August 2014

July Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Haul

July has been a slightly crazy month for me! From starting the month off in Rhodes, then celebrating my birthday and getting Gold Standard on my NCTJ course and ending the month at a new job, it's been a busy one. Saying that, I did manage to squeeze in a few shopping trips here and there!

July Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Haul

July Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Haul Books
The Rosie Project and Mad About The Boy: Both from Tescos
Style and Fashion Journal: Paperchase

Besides beauty and fashion, books are another addiction/love in my life. There's never a time when I'm not reading a book of some sort and I read mostly at night, so it rounds off my day quite nicely. I've read a lot of good reviews about The Rosie Project and thought I'd try that out, especially as Tesco had a deal on of two books for £7. I've read and became obsessed with the previous two Bridget Jones' books, so reading the final instalment is a must. I did do a little compilation of my Top Five Books here! 

I've had my eye on the Style and Fashion Journal for a while now, you jot down outfits that you've worn, new items that you've bought etc. plus it has a tips section to help you when you're shopping! The Lewes Paperchase must've been having a sale, because this journal was £2.40 down from £10 - bargain!

July Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Haul Accessorize Bag
Navy Winged Bag: Accessorize

Another bargain alert ahead. We just popped in for a quick browse and ended up with a new bag and set of earrings (below) which were all half price! I was so upset when the Topshop Winged Buckle bag when out of stock last year, so you can image my excitement when I spotted this! It was £16 down from £32 which is pretty good in my opinion. It's got no marks or scratches and can fit an A4 folder and everything else in there, which is a massive bonus for me.

July Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Haul Accessorize Earrings
Sterling Silver Earring Set: Accessorize

I wear earrings almost every day and Accessorize is my number one place to get good quality studs. I've never bought anything from their Sterling Silver collection, but I'm sure they're quite high quality and will last a long time. My favourite pairs are the second and bottom earrings, they're simple but pretty at the same time!

July Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Haul Aussie Hair Care Products
Aussie Luscious Long Shampoo and Conditioner: Boots
Aussie Miracle Recharge Take The Heat Spray: Boots

Boots were having another deal on Aussie hair care products, so I had to pick a new shampoo and conditioner up! I've never used the Luscious Long range, but I've got high hopes. The heat defence spray is another repurchase, as I love the smell and it does the job perfectly and my heat defence sprays get used up so quickly!

July Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Haul hydraluron Serum
hyrdaluron Moisture Booster Serum: Boots

This is a definite impulse purchase. Boots always gets me with their deals and placing products right on the end of the isle, just waiting for me to pick them up! Might just be another hyped up product, but I did use it last night and my skin does feel a lot smoother and less dehydrated. With a third off the original price and extra points, I didn't need much persuading...

So there's another haul for you! All very practical things (what I keep telling myself!) for the rest of the month. What's been your favourite July purchase?

Thanks for reading!
Rhiannon xx

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