Sunday, 17 August 2014

Instagram: Cat Onesies, Friday and London Rain

Another week and another Instagram post... This week has been another full-on seven days. Work has been going really well and it's nice to see some progress in what you're doing! I feel that I am slowly getting use to the 5:45 wake ups and long travelling, I just thank God that I've got my weekends free now! If you wanna follow my weekly musings up in London, I'm on Instagram and Twitter!

Sundays are my relaxing days, which means the cat onesie/dressing gown comes out! It was a birthday present from my sister and I absolutely adore it. Super soft and warm, I just can't help wearing it all day!

Because London Bridge is having refurbishments soon, I'm going to have to get the tube in a few weeks time, which means new Oyster card! Everyone at work says you're official a London commuter once your get your Oyster card. I pop it in with my train ticket and pass in my gorgeous ASOS ticket wallet I got for Christmas.

As the summer soon leaves us for 2014, the dreary days of cold winds and rain will be back in full swing! I do like the rain, but only when I'm inside and not outside getting drowned in it. I can see that I'll need a good umbrella for this year...

Weekends are literally the best thing after a long and hard week at work. I think I used to take them for granted when I was at school, but now I use them to catch up with my friends and family, which is much more relaxing. Also, I keep waking up on Thursday thinking it's Friday, which is massively disappointing and sad. 

Oooh, my new love. These came in the post this week and I cannot rave on about them enough! I've got a post planned for them in the forthcoming week or two, but they are amazing! They look more coral in the flesh than on here, but they're very very pretty. 

So that's my week done! Bring on Monday then it'll be bank holiday weekend! What's been your highlight for this week? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading,
Rhiannon xx

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