Tuesday, 26 August 2014


Indulgence: A thing that is indulged in; a luxury

Indulgences can come in many forms, whether it be food, a trip to somewhere exotic, a new make up product or whatever else you find pleasure in. Recently, I've been taking the time to enjoy my indulgences and remember the sight, taste, smell, touch and sounds of each and every one. 

I was travelling to work one day and as we went past the London Eye and Houses of Parliament, I just took the time to marvel in its beauty and thought about the millions of people across the centuries who had been staring at the same iconic buildings as I had just been. It's a little indulgence of mine: day dreaming. I imagine what the person next to me is like, their job and if they have a family. Day dreaming is something that takes me away from the stress of travelling, whether I'm going to be able to do a blog post today or if I'm going to have time to do that all-important-task. 

My indulgences also come in the form of food. Cheesecake is the cream of the crop for my food indulgences. I can probably eat it every day without feeling an ounce of guilt! In some ways blogging is an indulgence. It's a luxury to be able to write about subjects that I love and hope that other people do to. Spending your first pay-check on an item, be it clothing, make up or whatever else, that you've been longing for for so long is another indulgence. The quiet of just reading a book or lying in the sun add to my lengthy list of indulgences. 

I'll be cherishing all of these indulgences and many more for years to come. What I wanted to show from this post is that once you take a step back and asses, you'll see all the little indulgences and things in your life that make you happy and appreciative. 

What's your indulgences?

Thanks for reading!
Rhiannon xx

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