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Event: Red Magazine and Goodybag

Just a little warning: this post maybe photo heavy! Last Thursday I attended the Red Magazine 'Write Your Own Bestseller' event at the British Museum in London. First of all, lets talk about the cool venue?! I haven't been since my primary school trip years ago, but it's now on my to-do list. If you haven't been before, definitely go! 

Red Magazine Event Panel Jojo Moyes Freya North Lisa Jewell

The event was hosted by Red's deputy editor Saska with guest author Jojo Moyes, Freya North and  Lisa Jewell. All the authors were amazing, so easy to talk to and there were a lot of laughs! Instead of being focused around their new books, the questions were directed at where they get their inspiration from, how to tackle writers block, how they got their agents etc. So as a blogger and journalist, it was all very interesting from my perspective! 

A few of the key points that came from the event was to never give up, put in the time and write for the right reason, which are all tips that I shall be taking with me through my writing career! Here's the link to the event, which goes into more detail about the authors answers.

I've got to say, Jojo Moyes was definitely my favourite! She's hilarious and so entertaining, and you could tell how dedicated and talented all the authors were and how they were all bestsellers. Now time for the goody bag...

Red Magazine Event Goody Bag

Red Magazine Event Goody Bag

I don't think I've received so much in an event goody bag before! It's quite nice to get a range of products, especially at full size too. The magazine was also a nice bonus, plus it's almost Vogue-size with loads of great content, so it'll definitely keep me entertained throughout the month!

Red Magazine Event Goody Bag

So many beauty products! I've used the body wash a few times and it does the job well, smells like a garden so if you're into that scent then I'd recommend this. I've actually already got this eyeliner (and hopefully should be doing a review soon!) so this will find a new home at my sisters! I'm quite intrigued by the temple balm, as my new job can be a bit stressful I think it'll be the best place to road test it! 

The cleansing oil is the one I'm most looking forward to trying, it's my first face oil, so I'm excited to see if it lives up to my expectations. Another product I'm eager to try is the rosewater, some people use it as a toner, but if you've got any ideas of how to use it let me know! Mini handcreams are my downfall, I've got so many of them! To be honest, they are really handy for your handbag and I do love rose scented products, so this could be a match made in heaven (or goodybag heaven!)

Red Magazine Event Goody Bag
A&J London Lime and Basil Handwash

A bit of a random product, but we'll just go with it! I love anything lime or zesty scented, so this will be sitting proudly in my bathroom. It's a fairly large bottle so I can see this lasting me a long time. Unfortunately I couldn't find the link anywhere, which could mean that its been discontinued, but I did see that Tesco's are doing  Strawberries and Cream and Forrest Fruits hand washes...

Red Magazine Event Goody Bag
Galaxy (enough said really?!) / Enhance For Water

Chocolate is definitely a way into my heart, and an extra big bar gets brownie points. I'm still working my way through my Birthday chocolates, but I'll be savouring this bar! The fruit squash is quite interesting, apparently it's suppose to make 32 drinks and it's tiny! Another good one for taking to work and  they've got tons of different flavours, Lemon and Lime anyone?

Red Magazine Event Goody Bag

I'm much more of a sweet popcorn gal, but I adore any flavour from Metcalfe. They do amazing chocolate  and cinnamon flavours, which work so well with popcorn. And the lack of calories and donation to CLIC Sargent makes it even more enjoyable!

What's your favourite product? Let me know!

Thanks for reading,
Rhiannon xx

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