Friday, 1 August 2014

19th Birthday Haul!

So just over a week and a half ago it was my 19th birthday. I didn't have anything specific planned, just relaxing and spending time with family and friends, which is the best way spent! I thought I'd put up a 'Birthday Haul' to show you guys what I got this year. Of course, it's in no means bragging and I am very appreciative of all the gifts, and it might be a good post for your to find presents to get your for friends and family's birthdays! 

19th Birthday Haul
Cat Dressing Gown and Bed Socks: Next
Photo Frames: Independent shop? (i.e. no idea!)

19th Birthday Haul Sass & Belle Tin

19th Birthday Haul White Photoframes

If you didn't already know, I can sometimes be pretty obsessed with cats! I used to have two and have previously worked at a cattery, so they've become part of my natural routine. The dressing gown and socks are soo cosy and even though it's August, I love wearing them! My mum got me the cute tin, as she knows I love quotes/sayings and little tins, so far I've filled it with all my favourite jewellery! The photo frames were from my sister, as she's a great home interior spotter! I think I'll hang them on the wall in a graduated effect... (like this)

19th Birthday Haul Soap & Glory and Sanctuary
Soap & Glory and Sanctuary: Both Boots

Soap & Glory's new launches are always so exciting and I've spent many a Boots visit smelling all the new fragrances. I'm particularly excited to try out the Orangeasm Body Wash because I love citrus scents and hopefully it'll wake me up in the mornings! The Mela collection from Sanctuary is a classic and smells just like a rose garden with a hint of pistachio. I know I'll be alright on the beauty front for awhile!

19th Birthday Haul Parker Pen
Parker Pen engraved

Probably my favourite present of the bunch! My parents got me my first Parker pen with my named engraved as a Happy Birthday and Congratulations on your new job. Since I was a little kid, I was so jealous of my mum's sophisticated Parker pen and now I've got my own to take to my new job!

19th Birthday Haul Emerald Cuff
Emerald Gem Stone with Gold Cuff: Brazil

One of my closest friends got me this when she went to Brazil this summer for the World Cup. It's a beautiful emerald green gem stone with delicate gold swirly metal cuff. It's definitely going to get some love throughout the rest of the summer, as it's so versatile and I'm a huge lover of cuffs!

19th Birthday Haul Rose Gold Bracelet
Rose Gold Bracelet with Diamante Bead: Independent shop

My parents also got me this lovely rose gold bracelet with a diamante bead. It's quiet a heavy duty bracelet, which I prefer to plastic ones which feel like they're going to brake on the first wear! I adore anything with rose gold and simple bracelets without all those clunky charms. It's definitely a special occasion bracelet, I know I'll loose or damage it if I wear it on a daily basis!

19th Birthday Haul River Island Bag Primark Top and Next Scarf
Top: Primark
Beauty Bag: L'Occitane
Try It Kit: Smashbox
Spotty Scarf: Next

This is a combination of a few friends presents, and they do know me well! We'll address the elephant in the room that is the lovely Niall's face from 1D. I'm not ashamed in admitting that I do actually like they're music (they made it into my Musical Motivation..!) and Niall is definitely my favourite! The gorgeous bag is the one I shall be using for my first day at work (eekk, not too far away now!) which fits just about everything and a baby tiger! And another beautiful scarf to add to my collection, well it's technically a snood, so I think I can get away with that and it goes with just about anything and everything. 

19th Birthday Haul L'occitane gift set

The little L'Occitane bag contained a facial mist, solid perfume, shower gel, mini face serum and sample of a face cream - which I'm so excited to try them all out! So far I've used the serum and perfume, which have both worked surprisingly well. I'll admit I was a little bit confused about the solid perfume, but it does the job well!

19th Birthday Haul Smashbox Try It Kit
Try It Kit: Smashbox

I really enjoy trying out these mini kits with the 'Best of..' brands and I've never purchased anything from Smashbox before, but I've heard good things about the primer and mascara, so I'm excited to use them. Plus, they're all make-up bag friendly, so they can travel around with me too!

19th Birthday Haul Chocolates

And what birthday wouldn't be complete without chocolates?! My friends and family know me too well! Pretty much anything with milk chocolate in a praline form I'll scoff down in seconds. I have shared them out, so quiet a few of them are gone, but chocolates are there to be enjoyed!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Again, it isn't me bragging at all, hopefully it'll give you some ideas for future birthday gifts. Thanks for reading!

Rhiannon xx

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