Sunday, 6 July 2014

What's in my holiday skincare bag?

This post will be a general overview of what I packed for my holiday! I've added a few bits and taken some bits out, just because it looks like a lot of stuff!

Boots Cucumber Wipes are literally amazing! They smell so refreshing and really good for taking off make-up. Plasters and Wound Cleansing wipes are essential for travelling, especially with clumsy me! Body wash is also an essential, as well as bug repellent and calamine lotion. Tooth paste and toothbrush is a given, as is deodorant. This travel mirror is so handy, its really small, so it can slide down the side of my bag. Plus, it's massive when it opens out, perfect for a blogger!

The smell of suncream and after sun always reminds me of summer holidays, as does taking all my minis! Simple do the best minis, so I've got a little toner, face wash and moisturiser, which I'm putting in my bag. Tea tree oil is really good for bites and tackling spots. I've got a mini Korres cleanser which love and Vaseline, because you never know?! Some cool tweezers, just in case, mini Soap and Glory scrub and my razor, all a bit boring but the essentials!

What's your holiday essentials?

Thanks for reading!
Rhiannon xx

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