Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Update: Rhodes Holiday 2014

I'm back! After flying into Gatwick at about 1 am this morning, it's safe to say I've filled my day with sleeping, eating and catching up on all the necessary social media. As well as the surprisingly easy unpacking, I've been flicking through my holiday photos and  picked a few to share with you!

At the Acropolis in Lindos

Temple of Athena in Lindos

Harbour at Rhodes Town

Harbour at Rhodes Town

Cute boat shop in the harbour!

Greece has always been one of my favourite places to spend my holidays. It's got the history and culture as well as the hot summer beaches (even if I do get burnt!) The best trip was travelling to Lindos on a guided tour to the Temple of Athena and finding out the history behind it. We also did an olive oil and honey tasting session, before travelling to Old Rhodes Town for another tour through the town's history. I just love learning about all the Greek Gods, how they create olive oil and imagining people walking through the same streets thousands of years ago.

Rhodes town also had a beautiful harbour (it all looks so blue!!) and cute little pathways, like the Lanes in Brighton, full of shops and restaurants. It was only a short bus ride from our hotel, so we popped back into the town for dinner one night and more souvenir shopping. I'll hopefully get a few OOTD's and souvenir haul up on the blog asap, but I've managed to get ill over the trip, which is a bummer!

Overall it was a super relaxing holiday but it was time to get back and kick start the next chapter of whatever else life throws at me!

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Rhiannon xx

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