Thursday, 10 July 2014

Rhodes Holiday Haul

Rhodes Holiday Haul: Bowl, Sponge, Cleanser, Bracelet
Shopping for souvenirs for my family and friends is one of my favourite things to do on holiday, but I just can't help picking up a few bits for myself. It reminds you of that holiday and brings part of it back home with you. I got my family and friends a few Greek delicacies, like Honey and loukoumi (like Turkish delight but Greek!) and other little bits and bobs, but I thought I'd share my 'Holiday Haul' with you!

Rhodes Holiday Haul: Bowl

We kept spotting these cute bowls everywhere and they came in a variety of patterns and sizes. Some were beautiful tiles, plates and house numbers, which all looked gorgeous but too delicate for the journey home! I picked up this little hand-made dish, which I might store earrings in on my dressing table. Certainly adds a bit of colour and pattern!

Rhodes Holiday Haul: Sponge

One of Greece's many famous products are their natural sponges. They come in so many different styles with various uses, it's slightly mind-boggling which one to pick! I chose a small round sponge, which the shop owner said is useful for removing make-up, cleansing etc. so I can definitely see this coming in handy. Plus it is so soft! 

Rhodes Holiday Haul: Bracelet

I can never go on holiday without picking up a bracelet of some sort, it's almost like a tradition each time. Last year when I went to Kos, I picked up a string version with the traditional blue Greek eye, so blue is just one of those colours that I associate with Greece! It's got a few pretty blue and silver beads and a fish tooth, which I thought was cool until I scratched myself with it. Typical!

Rhodes Holiday Haul: Cleanser

Like any beauty fanatic, I followed my nose to the local Korres store! A few months back I posted a review on the Wild Rose Brightening Cream and have still got a few minis from a Christmas present. As it's a Greek brand, their products were a lot cheaper there than in the UK, so I picked up a new favourite: White Tea Fluid Gel Cleanser for a mere 11 euros, which works out about £5 off the UK price. Not too shabby!

And of course, I picked up a Milka chocolate bar WITH DAIM. Literally made my day! Although half of it is already gone.... Oops.

What's your favourite holiday presents? Let me know!

Thanks for reading :)
Rhiannon xx

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